Frequently Asked Questions | Deep Trekker

When was Deep Trekker Inc. Founded?
Deep Trekker was incorporated in 2010
Where is Deep Trekker Inc. located?
In Ontario, Canada in the heart of the Great Lakes
Does Deep Trekker hold any patents?
Yes, the internal pitch system which allows Deep Trekker to be fully capable using only 2 thrusters for full forward, reverse, left, right, ascending and descending is patented in the United States, with international patents pending
What is the DTG2
The DTG2 Remotely Operated Vehicle is the premiere offering from Deep Trekker Inc. It is the first fully portable, affordable ROV available to the market
How deep can the DTG2 go?
The Deep Trekker DTG2 is warrantied to 250 ft (~75 M). Each unit is pressure tested to 360 ft
How is the DTG2 powered?
On-board rechargeable lithium ion batteries power the DTG2. No shore power is required!
Can the DTG2 be raised or lowered in air by the tether
Yes; the tensile strength of the tether is rated at over 100lbs
Is there any maintenance required on the DTG2 before or after a dive or at scheduled intervals?
No. The DTG2 must only be rinsed with fresh water after a saltwater dive. A pre and post dive visual inspection for damage or debris is also recommended
How long to the batteries last?
The duration of the batteries depends on the amount of usage the thrusters get Below is a chart outlining a typical run time based on the thruster duty cycle (usage). Typical usage is between 25% and 50%.

·         100% thruster duty cycle - 3hrs

·         75% thruster duty cycle - 4 hrs

·         50% thruster duty cycle - 5 hrs

·         25% thruster duty cycle - 8 hrs 

How long do the ROV batteries take to charge?
3 hours
What viewing systems are compatible with the DTG2 Camera?
The DTG2 is equipped with a controller with an integrated live video feed of the on board camera. The controller will also has an RCA output that can be plugged into any viewing system, TV, or digital device. Commercially available converters will allow the DTG2 to be plugged into most PCs as well