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What makes the Deep Trekker DTG2 different from other ROVs?

The DTG2 ROV is a massive deviation in design from all other ROVs on the market. Engineering discipline and clean sheet design have allowed Deep Trekker to bring all the capability of larger, more expensive ROVs in one economical, fully portable package.

On-board batteries and lightweight, handheld control mean the DTG2 is truly portable

Other micro ROVs claim to be portable, then the fine print outlines that you need a "topside box" or must carry a power source with you. This is not the case with the Deep Trekker DTG2. The 19.2 VDC system voltage is completely contained within the submersible, meaning the DTG2: 

- Has a small. light weight tether 

- Requires lower system voltage

- Is extremely portable

- Does not require any external power source

In short, when you have some underwater exploring to do, you just grab your Deep Trekker DTG2 and go!


A lightweight controller you can hold in your hands - for as long as you like!Deep Trekker Controller

While many other ROVs are powered by controllers the size of small suitcases, the DTG2 is 

powered by a small and familiar shaped controller that can fit easily in your hands. Why be limited to sitting down with a monstrous control box? With the DTG2 you are free to walk around, peek down into the water, and easily pass control to others. you like!

No maintenance. No, really!

The DTG2’s unique design eliminates the need for any maintenance, except giving it a freshwater rinse after being in saltwater.

Low Drag Tether

While other mainstream micro ROVs have 8 to12mm diameter tethers, the DTG2 uses a low-drag 4 mm diameter tether allowing it to manoeuvre freely with minimal impact from this connection to the surface.

Advantages to DTG2’s Low-Drag Tether:

  • High strength polyurethane outer jacket with embedded tensile fibres
  • Neutrally buoyant without addition of foam
  • Up to 400M in length

Only 2 thrusters do the work of many more

The most significant feature that sets the Deep Trekker DTG2 apart from any other ROV on the market is the use of our internal pitching system, protected currently under international patents.  Developed with the idea of revolutionizing the micro-ROV industry, this concept is quickly proving to have many advantages.

Advantages to DTG2’s Internal Pitch System:

  • Less thrusters to operate
  • Absence of a vertical thruster allows for greatly increase camera visibility
  • Allows the powerful left and right thrusters to thrust vertically as well as horizontally (and anywhere in between)
  • Positions the tether connection always directly behind the ROV and in line with the thrust
  • Click HERE for more on this unique vertical travel system


Deep Trekker DTG2 Specifications

ROV Dimensions: 325 mm (12.8") x 259 mm (10.2") x 279 mm (11.0")

ROV Weight (in air): 8.5 kg (18.7 lb)

Depth Rating: Starter and Pro Packages : 75 M (250 FT), Smart and Worker Packages : 125 M (410 FT)

Download full specifications PDF