What We Do

We manufacture portable, affordable, and easy to use remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)

We are open.


Open to ideas, open to partners, and enthusiasts who want to build upon our foundations of our ROVs designs and encourage others to make them better, and/or guide us to make them better.

We are accessible.


We don’t have “service hours”; we are available when you need us. A senior ROV team member is only an email or phone call away. We don’t hide behind big titles, or pass the buck. We are humble, helpful, and available.

We are collaborative.


We seek out partners with similar visions, complementary dreams, and open ideas. We share our knowledge, and serve as a springboard for others to share theirs. We are the ROV company for everyone.

We are a partner.


When someone buys a mini ROV from Deep Trekker, they buy the team, the ideas, the vision, and the support. From joining expeditions to providing spare parts at a reasonable cost, we aim to be a part of our customers’ teams, and part of their journey.

Deep Trekker’s mission is simple: we want to give anyone on the earth an opportunity to explore the depths of our vast oceans, seas, lakes, or rivers with a mini ROV, but Deep Trekker Inc. is more than a company that builds affordable ROVs. Deep Trekker is a partner to our ROV customers, and our industries overall. We are the go-to people for help and information about all mini ROVs; even if we don’t know the answer, people know that we will do all that we can to find someone who does, and make the introduction. We are listeners; our remotely operated vehicles and every feature on our ROVs is developed by listening, in depth, to the people who need the tools to achieve their visions.