Inspect interior and predator nets, moorings, feeding habits, and quickly retrieve morts



Why Deep Trekker ROVs for Aquaculture


For Aquaculture monitoring and inspection using a mini ROV, there is no better tool than the Deep Trekker DTG2. Whether it is routine net inspection, lighting, feeding or mort lift up trouble shooting, or stock monitoring, the DTG2 is the easiest, most effective and portable system to get the job done in no time at all.

Net inspections are completed quickly and easily, often in less than a half hour per pen due to the DTG2’s ability capture video in a 270 degree vertical arc. Inspect nets from top to bottom, often in only one or two passes around the circular pen. Optional side-facing cameras allow technicians to perform lateral inspections with ease, simply flying the ROV around the cage.

The one-man portability and fully integrated DTG2 system ensures that multiple cages can be inspected in quick succession; simply pick up the mini ROV and move to the next pen. There is no need for power supply, generator, or clumsy external control boxes.

Timely mort removal in aquaculture environments is very important. The Deep Trekker DTG2 ROV can be fitted with our optional mort retrieval tools, ensuring that morts are moved to the vacuum lift system, or taken to the surface for removal during routine inspection. The patented pitch capability of the DTG2 makes scooping up morts possible without the need for diver intervention.

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The Benefits of Deep Trekker for Aquaculture:

  • No topside power or boxes, quickly move from dock to dock.
  • Handheld video controller with integrated super bright monitor
  • Specially designed mort retrieval tool
  • 270 degree camera rotation to quickly inspect large areas of the pens
  • Easy to use, most pilots becoming proficient after a few hours of use
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