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cooling tower maintenance rov inspection

Cooling Tower Maintenance – New Strategic Partnerships

Customer Stories, Infrastructure, Oil and Energy

Southern Water Services of Texas utilizing a Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) or underwater drone to conduct cooling tower maintenance. What is an Industrial Cooling Tower? Cooling towers play a vital role in the removal of waste hot water generated by industrial equipment and processes. This special type of heat exchanger allows water and… Read More »


Oceanographic ROV Inspiring Students to Become Future Marine Scientists

Customer Stories, For Everyone, Marine Survey / Shipping, Underwater Discovery and Research

Inspiring future marine biologists with hands-on experience piloting an oceanographic ROV at the Ocean Institute. It’s important to inspire the young generation to become marine scientists; perhaps using an oceanographic ROV will do just that. The future of the environment is in their hands. The Ocean Institute in Dana Point, CA knows this and is… Read More »


Climate Change Research: Underwater Drones Used to Monitor Marine Health

Aquaculture, Customer Stories, Underwater Discovery and Research

Climate change research drone using innovative remote technologies for monitoring changes in our oceans ecosystems around Aquaculture sites.  The ocean is an mysterious world which is continuously evolving and altering with currents, climate change, marine life, and other outside forces. Yet, with its monumental vastness, our knowledge of these occurrences and their effects is still limited.… Read More »


Underwater Drone Inspects USA County Reservoir – Providing No Interruption in Service

Customer Stories, Infrastructure

USA reservoir in Clark County, Vancouver, Washington, uses an underwater drone, known as a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), to inspect water service supply to local communities. USA Reservoir Inspection | Clark Public Utilities (CPU) is committed to providing customers with the most reliable, affordable service possible. But a lot has to go on behind the… Read More »


Skeletons Found in the Depths: Underwater Drone Discoveries

Customer Stories, For Everyone, Opinion Pieces, Underwater Discovery and Research

Skeletons found underwater using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) – Deep Trekker client shares his discoveries using the underwater drone. If you spend enough time exploring underwater, you will eventually stumble upon something exciting. Jan Petersen is a great example. A pilot of a Deep Trekker DTG2, Petersen spends much of his free time diving his… Read More »

Setting up Storm Water Inspection

Storm Water System CCTV Inspection

Customer Stories, Infrastructure

Recently, a small town of 8,200 residents purchased a DT340 pipe crawler and took control of their storm water inspections. The town of Renfrew is a small municipality, with storm and sanitary system including 89 km (55 miles) of pipe. In 2005, Renfrew hired a CCTV service company to inspect 75% of their system, totaling… Read More »

ROV Inspection Truck

Keeping Tanks Online, Without the Dangers of Diving

Customer Stories, Infrastructure

Huntley’s Sub Aqua Construction brings peace of mind to customers with regular and efficient mini remotely operated vehicle inspections Huntley’s Sub Aqua Construction (HSAC) is a commercial diving company based in Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada. Operating since 1994, HSAC recently added a Deep Trekker mini remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to their team to improve potable… Read More »

Dam Inspection: A Day at Still Creek Dam

Customer Stories, Infrastructure, Oil and Energy

We’ve been busy lately visiting various municipalities, police forces, aquaculture sites, and water treatment plants showcasing both our portable ROV systems and our new product line, the DT340 Pipe Crawler. One project in particular, took place at the Still Creek Dam in Tamaqua, PA. Cody and Sam packed up the crawler and headed down to perform a… Read More »

Heroes of the Waters

Customer Stories, For Everyone

A sense of adventure and desire to explore the depths were the inspiring forces behind Deep Trekker. We believe that the more awareness people see underwater the more they care about the oceans and waterways and keeping them clean. Finding that perfect balance between making sure our underwater drones are accessible to everyone but maintaining… Read More »

Deep Trekker Diver Profile: Mike Fletcher

Commercial / Salvage, Customer Stories, For Everyone

Exploring with the Deep Trekker systems, travelling the world, adventuring among wrecks, visiting customers and meeting industry professionals  are by far the biggest perks working at Deep Trekker. We experience so many unique situations and meet so many amazing personalities. Among the incredible people we encounter working at Deep Trekker, are a number of professional and… Read More »

Thank you… Yes YOU: Our Underwater Drone and Pipe Crawler Supporters

Company Product and Event News, Customer Stories, For Everyone, Industry News

Two years ago Deep Trekker posted a piece on our blog expressing how excited we were to have customers in 34 countries. Throughout the past four years Deep Trekker attended numerous trade shows around the globe and shared the capabilities of our DTG2 mini-ROVs with fishermen, energy producers, aquaculture professionals, commercial divers, police forces and private… Read More »

Canadian Fish Farm Describes Use of Underwater Drone

Aquaculture, Customer Stories, Industry News, Opinion Pieces

Aqua-Cage Fisheries is a Northern Ontario Aquaculture enterprise that harvests rainbow trout for the consumer market. Aqua-cage employees working at the farm receive fingerlings from hatcheries in Southern Ontario. They monitor, observe and feed them in the open waters of Georgian Bay. Ensuring that the farm’s structure and protocols are maintained for optimum health is… Read More »

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