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Tech Spotlight: DT340 Pipe Crawler Freewheel (AFW) by Deep Trekker™

Company Product and Event News, Infrastructure

A deeper look into pipe crawler freewheel and the best ways to retrieve CCTV pipe inspection crawlers from municipal pipes. Pipe inspections require tough systems that can withstand the grueling environments of municipal infrastructure. As the departments and contractors tasked with servicing these pipelines, it is extremely important to select a tool that stands up… Read More »


ROV Inspections of Water Towers: Underwater Drone Used to Save Diver’s Time

Commercial / Salvage, Infrastructure

Mountain West Commercial Diving currently uses their Deep Trekker underwater drone to conduct ROV inspections or potable water towers. Aim to exceed the client’s expectation while adhering the highest standards in industry compliance and safety; that is the goal of Mountain West Commercial Diving (MWCD). Based out of Hazelton, Idaho, MWCD has over 25 years… Read More »


Underwater Bridge Inspections – Drones Conducting Remote Evaluations


Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), or underwater drones, are establishing themselves as the ideal tool for underwater bridge inspections. It goes without saying that the structural integrity of a bridge is extremely important; after all, you’re only either walking, driving, or riding a train across it. With the public safety in mind and to… Read More »


Coal Power Plant Inspections: Observing Water Flow & Safety with Underwater Drones

Infrastructure, Oil and Energy

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to coal power plant inspections; utilizing Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), or underwater drones. For anyone who has found their way to a coal power plant, there is one very common theme throughout the place; safety is the key. It is reiterated with protocols, procedures, and plenty… Read More »


Trenchless Technology – New Pipe Crawler Robots Offering a No-Dig Solution

Industry News, Infrastructure

Deep Trekker is set to launch its enhanced trenchless technology product line, the 340 Pipe Crawler system at the NASTT’s No-Dig Show in April. Trenchless technology helps municipalities inspect, maintain, and repair their buried infrastructure. Allowing operators the ability to see what’s happening within stormwater and wastewater systems without unearthing them. This is an important fact;… Read More »


Underwater Drone Inspects USA County Reservoir – Providing No Interruption in Service

Customer Stories, Infrastructure

USA reservoir in Clark County, Vancouver, Washington, uses an underwater drone, known as a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), to inspect water service supply to local communities. USA Reservoir Inspection | Clark Public Utilities (CPU) is committed to providing customers with the most reliable, affordable service possible. But a lot has to go on behind the… Read More »

New Technologies for Effective Pipe Inspections


A look at new technologies advancing the monitoring process of aging infrastructure. Effectively reducing the cost of ongoing inspections and maintenance. Without a doubt, aging utility infrastructures in cities around the world require more maintenance and repairs than ever. The average person takes the systems put into place long ago to collect excess water, deliver drinking… Read More »

Setting up Storm Water Inspection

Storm Water System CCTV Inspection

Customer Stories, Infrastructure

Recently, a small town of 8,200 residents purchased a DT340 pipe crawler and took control of their storm water inspections. The town of Renfrew is a small municipality, with storm and sanitary system including 89 km (55 miles) of pipe. In 2005, Renfrew hired a CCTV service company to inspect 75% of their system, totaling… Read More »


Preventing Sinkholes: Avoiding Costly Repairs


Examining the causes of sinkholes and how Deep Trekker is aiding in preventing costly repairs and unwarranted closures. When it comes to preventing sinkholes, we must first understand how and why they appear. Armed with this knowledge, we can then take proper action to thwart the sudden appearances of these, costly craters. Sinkholes slowly develop… Read More »


Importance of Inspecting Reservoirs

Commercial / Salvage, Infrastructure

Inspecting Reservoirs – what is the importance of them, why they are inspected, and how ROVs help pave the way for low-cost, regular maintenance. What is a Reservoir? Deriving from the French word réservoir meaning “storehouse,” a reservoir is exactly that – a storage place for water. More often than not, these bodies of water… Read More »


Water Quality & Treatment Centers

For Everyone, Infrastructure

A look at the quality of water and the importance of inspecting the integrity of water treatment centers. Water…clear…cold…refreshing. It’s often your “go-to” beverage for quenching thirst after a vigorous activity. We are very fortunate that often within arm’s reach, rests a glass of water. Without hesitation or worry, you can pick it up, calmly… Read More »

ROV Inspection Truck

Keeping Tanks Online, Without the Dangers of Diving

Customer Stories, Infrastructure

Huntley’s Sub Aqua Construction brings peace of mind to customers with regular and efficient mini remotely operated vehicle inspections Huntley’s Sub Aqua Construction (HSAC) is a commercial diving company based in Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada. Operating since 1994, HSAC recently added a Deep Trekker mini remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to their team to improve potable… Read More »

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