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wwett pipe crawler demonstration dt340

WWETT Demonstrations of the DT340 Pipe Crawler

Company Product and Event News, Infrastructure

Deep Trekker will be attending the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) 2018 show in Indianapolis. Offering live demonstrations of the DT340 Pipe Crawler and the DTG2 underwater ROV for all attendees of the event. Booth #6134 As of late, flooding, hurricanes, high winds and extreme temperatures have caused devastation to infrastructure and… Read More »

safe diving practice underwater rov commercial diver

Adopt Safe Diving Practices with Underwater ROVs

Aquaculture, Commercial / Salvage, Infrastructure, Marine Survey / Shipping, Military / First Responder, Oil and Energy, Underwater Discovery and Research

A look at how underwater ROVs or underwater drones are being used to help monitor commercial divers while they perform various aquatic tasks. From Search and recovery to underwater inspections, dive teams are adopting ROVs for safe diving practices. Safe Diving for Commercial Divers Specialization in infrastructure inspections, marine construction and industrial repair and maintenance… Read More »

water contractors dt340 pipe crawler

Deep Trekker ROVs are Helping Water Contractors Do More – With Less

For Everyone, Infrastructure

Water contractors are making use of Deep Trekker portable underwater ROVs & pipe crawlers for an affordable solution to submerged infrastructure inspections. INCLUDING – CASE Construction Equipment offering $25,000 to one municipality to go towards infrastructure in their community through the Dire State Grant. There are a handful of industries in water and wastewater that… Read More »

new construction robots underwater rov drone deep trekker

Construction Robots: Pipe Crawlers & Underwater ROVs


Construction Companies Using Deep Trekker Robots to Verify Structural Integrity. The DT340 & DTG2 ROV prove to be the ideal construction robots for asset management. Including a case study regarding a new Water Treatment Plant submerged pipe inspection. New Construction is a sign of economic well-being. As new permits are acquired, it is usually an… Read More »

water tank cleaning robot deep trekker

Water Tank Cleaning Robot Solution

Company Product and Event News, Customer Stories, Infrastructure

Deep Trekker’s latest innovation offers a cost-effective solution to water tank cleaning. Potable water cleaning made easy with the DT640 Utility Crawler. Here at Deep Trekker, we focus a lot of attention on potable (drinking water) tank inspections.  Our DTG2 is the industry standard for performing tank inspections, due to their ease of use and… Read More »

hydroelectric power underwater drone inspection

How a Hydroelectric Engineering Firm is Generating More Business Using Underwater Drones

Customer Stories, Infrastructure, Oil and Energy

As underwater drones, known as Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), become more affordable, the hydroelectric power industry capitalizes by doing own inspections. Hydroelectric dams are complicated structures.  There is a multitude of components and various combinations of these mechanisms that make up a hydroelectric power station, making each station its own unique structure.  The main goal… Read More »

deep trekker brantford pipe crawler

Brantford Welcomes New Deep Trekker DT340 CCTV Pipe Crawler

Customer Stories, Infrastructure

The City of Brantford starting to take control of their own infrastructure inspections of storm and waste water pipes using their new CCTV Pipe Crawler. The City of Brantford has become part of the Deep Trekker family, accepting delivery of their new DT340 Pipe Crawler.  Brantford is a city of approximately 100,000 people with a… Read More »

aerial drone business infrastructure inspection

Aerial Drone Business – Full Service Inspections


How to expand your aerial drone business. Offer a full inspection service of submerged structures and infrastructure with an underwater drone. Drones are the way of the future, and it’s an industry proving lucrative for both those developing the technology as well as for those using it.  An unmanned aerial drone was initially introduced to… Read More »

dt340-pipe-crawler sapphire glass lens cover

DT340 Pipe Crawler Lens Cover is a Real Gem

Company Product and Event News, Infrastructure

Improved lens cover to the Deep Trekker DT340 Pipe Crawler brings, even more, durability and protection to the PTZ camera. There are many things that make Deep Trekker products unique – one is their durability.  We take care in picking the best materials and components that make up a Deep Trekker robot, especially with the… Read More »

cooling tower maintenance rov inspection

Cooling Tower Maintenance – New Strategic Partnerships

Customer Stories, Infrastructure, Oil and Energy

Southern Water Services of Texas utilizing a Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) or underwater drone to conduct cooling tower maintenance. What is an Industrial Cooling Tower? Cooling towers play a vital role in the removal of waste hot water generated by industrial equipment and processes. This special type of heat exchanger allows water and… Read More »

aging infrastructure-underwater drone bridge inspection

Aging Infrastructure Inspections – Surveying the Dinosaur

Commercial / Salvage, Infrastructure

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) known as underwater drones, widely used to inspect aging infrastructure – one engineering firm shares their experience. Aging infrastructure is a reality for the majority of cities around the world.  Many municipal waterways, dams, and bridges were built over 50 to 100 years ago, and these systems are showing their age. It… Read More »


Water Intake Maintenance | Using an Underwater Drone

Infrastructure, Oil and Energy

Examining how a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), or an underwater drone, is used to maintain a water intake for Hydroelectric dams. In order for hydro-electric dams to generate power at the highest capacity, each aspect of the system requires periodic inspection and maintenance. A water intake is an integral part of power generation and is… Read More »

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