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Why Deep Trekker ROVs for Commercial/Salvage


Incidents happen under water. Whether these are caused by normal wear and tear on sub-surface and subsea infrastructure, or by the unintentional loss of vehicles, boats or aircraft, we rely on skilled, brave men and women to solve problems that are not easily fixed. These skilled divers put their lives on the line, and the more knowledge they have about the situations they will encounter under water, the less chance of accidents happening.

The portable Deep Trekker mini ROVs are an essential tool in ensuring a higher level of diver safety. The Deep Trekker systems are the perfect situation scouting tool, allowing divers to gain a better understanding of the situation and environment before they splashdown.

The fully portable systems are easily added to the tool kit, without the need for external power. Once divers are in the water, the Deep Trekker mini ROVs become an extra set of eyes, monitoring for diver safety or distress, and even getting a view into tight spots where the divers cannot easily go.


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The Benefits of Deep Trekker in Commercial/Salvage:

  • Complete Portability with no topside generators or boxes required
  • Easy to Use. You don’t have to be a trained ROV pilot to be an expert pilot
  • Compact size and extreme maneuverability with the patented pitching system
  • Advanced add-ons such as a grabber arm, cutter attachment, thickness gauge, sonar and more
  • Affordable robust equipment
  • Document dives on an SD card with the Deep Trekker DVR, with voice-over capabilities
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Case Studies

"Last time we looked there was not an ROV that competes at this price point; considering size, function, features and customer service, two thumbs up!

"Our larger ROV has often not been on a job site because it use was not anticipated or it's footprint was just too large. We purchased the DTG2 to fill in a gap we had; it's small and ultra portable and the video feed is reasonable. We have basically shelved drop cameras that cost more than this unit."

- Bruce Gray

Operations Officer, Environment Canada

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Increase diver safety, reduce dive times, deliver tools, complete pre-inspections.


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