Diving with Deep Trekker Summer of 2016

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At the beginning of the summer, we acquired our new research vessel appropriately named “Deep Trekker”. Over the past four months, we have spent many hours aboard the boat exploring shipwrecks and the waters of Lake Huron and Lake Erie. During several trips to Georgian Bay is where most of our work was done as well as where some awesome photos were taken of our adventures.

We wanted to share some of these experiences on the new research vessel with you to help get to know our team. Do you have any suggestions for new areas to explore? We’d love to hear about them and your adventures too!


Shawn and Everett Enjoying the Lake


Everett’s – The Perfect ROV Pilot










The “Deep Trekker” has Been Serving us Well!


Some Team Shipwreck Exploration Going On










Sam Training with our Drowned Dummy “Suzy”


Shipwreck Exploration in Tobermory is Phenomenal!















Doing Some Field Tests with the DTG2 ROV



Our Youngest Pilot


About to Deploy the DTX2 ROV










Underwater Shot of the Arabia Wreck


The Picture Quality is very Clear














The boat has been a great tool for us to test out our products, try some new innovations that are currently in the works and just simply connect with the waters in which our tools are made to explore.

Shipwreck exploring is one of our favourite activities to do in our down time. We are so lucky to be close to the amazing Lake Huron with its rich naval history ad numerous dive and wreck sites. What are some of your favourite wreck sites? Please comment in the section below so we can add to our list of places to visit.

If you enjoyed seeing these photos from our time this summer be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more fun updates and photos!

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