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Why Deep Trekker ROVs in Infrastructure


Routine inspections are the key to the long term care and success of any infrastructure. With underwater infrastructure, routine inspections were historically arduous and difficult, and often dangerous. The importance of these inspections grows for the long term health of the structure, due to the effect that water has on construction materials. Divers are placed in dangerous scenarios for a task that is taken for granted above the sea. Deep Trekker’s mini ROVs protect divers from these situations and makes routine inspections possible.

The time will come when something needs to be repaired, and Deep Trekker ROVs offer a variety of attachments, including the Cutter, 2 Function Grabber, and Laser Scaler that can assess a maintenance or repair job and sometimes complete it without the need for the dive team. The Deep Trekker ROV is a valuable addition to the engineers and technologists toolbox for any inspection, from potable water tanks, bridges, dams and dykes, subsea cabling and more.


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The Benefits of Deep Trekker in Infrastructure:

  • No topside power required, self contained batteries provide a full working days work on 1 battery charge.
  • 270 degree camera rotation to quickly inspect submerged infrastructure
  • Easy to use, no previous training required
  • Affordable tool for everyone, with robust and sophisticated features
  • Easily record all investigations with voice-over to an SD card
  • Compact and extreme maneuverability for inspection of confined spaces
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"A clever machine made by clever people."

-Leslie Brix-Nielsen

Principal Partner at Norrelid & Associates

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Monitor and inspect your infrastructure any time, without a dive team.


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