There is someone drowning or your task force has a hot check warrant out and the more time that goes by, the odds of a positive outcome decreases exponentially.  What is the response?  Dive teams can take hours to arrive on site and even if they are already on site, it can take up to an hour to be organized and suited up for duty.  Larger ROVs require topside power, so a generator must be available or in a situation on a offshore platform, they may have to be delivered by crane to the scene.

The other option is to have a portable Mini ROV on deck.  In the video above, we show how you can have the DTG2 in the water within 30 seconds of opening the case and that is moving at a leisurely pace!  Portability plays a big part even in less time sensitive search and rescue missions.  Most of the time, a body or piece of evidence is attempted to be hidden from law enforcement, which means in remote areas.

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There is not a correlation between power sources and remote areas.  There is also not usually a correlation between manpower and remote areas.  When you have a ROV that can be operated from anywhere, anytime and is one man deployable, any search and rescue mission underwater is achievable.

DTG3 can double as your search and rescue device even if you are a shipping port, offshore oil rig or dam inspector.  People fall in and things happen, it is nice to know that you have a device capable of carrying a body in water to safety. Request a quote for your first response Deep Trekker device today!

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