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Why Deep Trekker ROVs for Marine Survey/Shipping


Our oceans take up a vast majority of the space on our Earth and as such they need to be treated with the importance they deserve. Environmental issues have begun to gain importance in our world and there is no better mini ROV to help with the environmental research and surveying of our oceans than the Deep Trekker mini ROVs. With extreme maneuverability and portability the Deep Trekker ROVs allows biologists, marine surveyors, researchers, and environmental advocates alike to explore under the sea in a variety of ways that larger, more expensive equipment cannot reach. Deep Trekker ROVs are completely battery operated making them incredibly easy to load and transport on any boat or vessel without worrying about an external power source, while still allowing you to explore the depths of our oceans for over 6 hours on one battery charge. Use our ROVs to observe various fish and plant species or inspect and collect data from environmental sensors and equipment already in place within our oceans. .

The oceans not only act as a home to millions of our world’s wildlife but also as a path for us to transfer goods and services from nation to nation. Deep Trekker ROVs make shipping across the oceans a breeze by offering an easy, fast and effective way to perform hull inspections, dock inspections and virtually any need you may have that requires you to have eyes under the water without worrying about the physical and monetary costs associated with using a diver.


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The Benefits of Deep Trekker in Marine Survey/Shipping:

  • Avoid unnecessary down time in deploying a dive team or lifting out of water
  • Easily inspect areas too small for divers
  • 270 degree camera rotation to quickly view the bottom of the hull
  • Optional side-facing cameras to reduce inspection time
  • Record all inspections with voice-over to SD Card
  • Sophisticated add-ons such as Thickness Gauge and Sonar
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Case Studies

"We have been using DTG smart unit for more than an year now in our aquaculture operations. It worked really well for us. It took away a lot of costly dive time. This was the low cost, portable and easy to operate machine at the time we bought. I believe, it still is. The best things about this purchasing this machine is, ease of operation, very cooperative sales team and best after sale support and service. Very low down time observed with the machine too as most of minor repairs can be done on site."

- Jayaprabandh Pudota

Harmful Plankton Monitor/Technician

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