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Deep Trekker Announces Attendance at Maritime Security West Conference

Cody Warner   |   August 13, 2015

Deep Trekker Inc. will be exhibiting at Maritime Security West 2015 in San Diego, California. The Mini ROV manufacturer will have its DTG2 Smart and DTG2 Worker units on display, with some gadgets and toys attached. Deep Trekker will be available to take interested parties on demos of the unit to the docks as well!

Deep Trekker ROVs are operated in many different industries across the globe: Aquaculture, Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling, Commercial Diving and Salvage, Military, Search and Rescue, Environmental Monitoring and many more applications.

In the wake of Maritime Security West, the focus is turned to Shipping and Policing, more specifically Cargo Ship Hull inspections. Deep Trekker ROVs can be used to inspect everything from the hull, the bow thrusters, the bilge keels, the rudder structures and any other nook and cranny underwater. The DTG2 is less than 14 inches in width, allowing it to fit into small spaces, while being equipped with turbo thrusters that allow it to operate with ease in up to 2 knot currents with its 2.5 knot speed.

Routine inspections of hulls is the best practice for mitigating security risk and maintaining safe ports. ROVs and dive teams are used now for hull inspections, though it is believed that the industry that supports 90% of the world's cargo does not have thorough enough inspections.

The trade off always seems to be security versus cost, however with Deep Trekker there is no compromise. You are able to inspect inbound vessels with the same tools of a larger, more expensive ROV, while cutting training time and maintenance costs.
See Deep Trekker at Maritime Security West at the Paradise Ballroom in the Paradise Point Resort and Spa for more information or request a quote for a Deep Trekker ROV today.

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