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Looking for a Happy Read? Evidence of Blue Whale Population Recovering

Kiara Vallier   |   September 9, 2015

The more you learn about the environment and ocean conditions the more jaded and helpless you may feel. As such, we wanted to share with you some good news that we came across recently.

Many will be happy to hear that evidence of Blue Whale populations rising may have surfaced (literally...) when NOC’s Prof Russell Wynn snapped a photo of one of the mammals surfacing in English waters. “I was undertaking our daily marine mammal survey and enjoying watching up to seven Fin Whales around the ship, when the Blue Whale suddenly surfaced about a kilometer away. I had just enough time to secure some conclusive photos before the visibility decreased and the whale disappeared into the gloom.” says Wynn.

This is one of the first sightings of the species in area since a Blue Whale was photographed off SW Ireland in September 2008. The mammals were hunted almost to extinction in the early 20th century but recent sightings such as this one suggest that the populations may be beginning to recover.

Other species such as Swordfish and Sharks have also been observed in the same area through the use of ROVs. With the help of the machines, scientists have been able to identify species that are not normally found in the area. Whether it is recovering populations or changes in migration, the use of the ROVs have been helping researchers and scientists track their observations and share their findings with the world.

To read more about these recent rare sightings check out this article by Ocean News & Technology.

For those of you who have had some cool marine animal sightings we would love to hear about them! Comment in the section below to tell us about what you saw.

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