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Chiefs of Police in Philly

Cody Warner   |   October 23, 2013

We just finished the wildly successful first stop on our road trip in Philadelphia, at the Chiefs of Police Show (IACP), and it sure was a blast. Speaking with many law enforcement professionals some of which had dive teams while some did not, but no matter their situation – from time to time evidence always end up in the water… lakes, rivers, reservoirs, wells, treatment plants… you name it! Plus, cops like their toys – so we had some fun with live piloting demos for anyone who wanted to give it a try.

The IACP also put on an amazing Host Chiefs Night full of amazing music, food and friends. Our trip included a drink at the famous Mac’s Tavern from the Always Sunny in Philadelphia TV show, some interesting hotels, and many many one way streets (all going the same way)! We sure earned our drivers licenses!

Have you ever been to the great city of Philly? I would highly recommend Mac’s Tavern if you’re a fan of the show – or if you’re a fan of driving robots meet up with us in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando next week at FLIBS and DEMA shows respectively.

Hope to see you soon!

Police Show

Host Chiefs Night

Amanda Deep Trekker Sub

Seeing the Sights

Sam Deep Trekker Helicopter

Sam's Favourite Booth: The Helicopter.

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