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The Importance of Climate Change for Aquaculture

Kiara Vallier   |   May 27, 2015

The aquaculture industry produces almost half of the food that the world consumes and that number is still growing. As demand for fish continues, the aquaculture industry is used in conjunction with wild fisheries in order to help meet the global demand for fish and rebuild our Earth's wild fish stocks. On top of providing a large portion of the world's population with food, the industry acts a critical component to maintaining coastal communities. Needless to say, the industry is heavily relied upon by many in today's world. Learn more.

Recognizing the importance of aquaculture, a team of scientists at a non-profit group called Worldfish have called for more research regarding the effects of climate change on the industry. They are hoping to have this topic brought up at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris later this year. They hope that the significance of the aquaculture industry will be acknowledged and that protective measures may be created.

We all know we cannot live without our oceans, which is why we started in the business of giving anyone the opportunity to see and experience underwater world - so everyone can learn. Mini-ROVs have proved to be very helpful in showing to the everyday person how the underwater ecosystem changes due to environmental issues. We hope to give anyone, especially environmental researchers the tools they need to observe and record what takes place below the waves, in an easy to use and affordable package.

Our DTG2 ROVs are used in several aquaculture operations around the world to monitor systems, perform net inspections and observe fish behaviour. Who better to help document the effects of climate change on aquaculture than those who are working on the farms every day? If you are working in the aquaculture industry we urge you to record what you see on your farms in terms of fish behaviour so that you may be able to contribute to this call for research. If you believe that you may have some useful information to contribute to this call to research then click here to learn more about the group's goals.

You do not have to be working directly in the aquaculture industry to help this non-profit group and their goal of attaining recognition at the United Nations conference. Marine researchers can also contribute to this call for research and advocate for the health of our oceans and fish farms. Deep Trekker ROVs have also played a vital role in research projects with groups like Environment Canada. They are the perfect alternative to a dive team in situations where it may be too risky or expensive to send a diver into the water.

The well-being of our oceanic species is of major importance not only to farmers who rely on the cultivation of stocks for their livelihood but to everyone as a source of food, ecosystem diversity and ocean health. We are committed to doing everything we can to make the oceans accessible to everyone and encourage learning by exploring the depths.


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