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Deep Trekker Interviewed on CTV National News

Amanda Coulas   |   April 28, 2014

Deep Trekker was consulted by CTV National News to comment on how ROVs are currently being used in the search of South Korean Sewol Ferry and other underwater disasters.

Deep Trekker ROVs are currently being used in South Korea to search for victims of the crash around the sea floor as well as in the hull, where it is extremely dark, cold and dangerous for divers to search. CTV National News has been a leader in coverage as the news story of the ferry crash has developed, requesting that Deep Trekker be an expert commentator to the continued search for the passengers on the ferry.

Deep Trekker ROVs are ideal tools when dealing with unknown situations and dangerous waters. As Paul Lucier explained to CTV, the remotely operated vehicle industry is rapidly growing and advancing the abilities of tasks that can be performed underwater. Watch the full clip online

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