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Deep Trekker's Exclusive Presentation at Aquaculture Europe 2015

Kiara Vallier   |   October 9, 2015

October 10, 2015 Ayr, Ontario. Today, Deep Trekker announced that on Friday October 23, 2015 at 12:10 pm the company will be giving a presentation on how to effectively use mini-ROVs in aquaculture operations at the Aquaculture Europe Conference in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The conference takes place from Oct. 20, 2015 to Oct. 23, 2015, bringing together professionals in the fisheries and aquaculture related industries.

Deep Trekker will be available throughout the conference to meet with professionals who are interested in learning more about the benefits of having a mini-ROV on caged farming aquaculture sites. For anyone attending the conference, be sure to stop by the Weelde Room on Friday at 12:10 during the Offshore Production Plenary Session.

The presentation will examine multiple case studies from Canadian salmon farms to demonstrate some of the ways in which a mini-ROV can be used to increase efficiency, boost employee knowledge, limit losses and more. Audience members will have the opportunity to see how Marine Harvest Canada and AgriMarine have deployed Deep Trekker mini-ROVs to save both time and money.

Deep Trekker will also take the time to discuss ways in which the mini-ROVs can help improve public perception of both individual farms and the aquaculture industry as a whole.

Numerous farms around the globe have been reaping the benefits of owning a mini-ROV on their farm site. With the ability to monitor fish behaviour, scope out potential areas for new farms, check mooring and anchor lines, inspect nets and help with mort retrieval, the use of mini-ROVs has been slowly revolutionizing the way farm managers go about their daily operations.

“We owe a lot of our innovation and changes to our product over the years to the aquaculture market” says Sam Macdonald, President of Deep Trekker Inc. “We have been working to provide an ROV that meets the needs of farmers everywhere.”

One of the highest costs for most farm managers is associated with the hiring of dive teams to perform inspections and perform underwater tasks. The presentation on Friday October 23, 2015 will outline how these costs can be reduced through the use of a mini-ROV. While divers are still important for aquaculture operations, there are numerous tasks that do not require an entire dive team to be hired for the day.

To learn more or set up a time to meet during the Aquaculture Europe Conference contact Kiara Vallier, Deep Trekker’s industry specialist for Aquaculture, at [email protected]. To learn more about Deep Trekker and their products visit .

About Deep Trekker Inc.

Deep Trekker Inc. was founded in 2010 with a mission to bring a fully capable yet portable and accessible remotely operated vehicle to market. The company is headquartered in Ayr, Ontario, Canada, with all engineering and manufacturing being completed in house. Based on a clean sheet design, the premiere product, the DTG2 was introduced in limited run in August 2011. With Deep Trekker products now working in 59 countries in industries including aquaculture, commercial diving, salvage, military, first responders, oil & gas, energy, marine survey, infrastructure, research and recreation; the DTG2 is proven to be easy to use, robust, and entertaining.

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