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Deep Trekker DTG2 Now Available!

Amanda Coulas   |   July 1, 2012

Place your Deep Trekker Micro ROV DTG2 Order Today!

Ayr ON, July 1, 2012 Deeptrekker today announced that the Deep Trekker DTG2 Micro ROV is in full serial production, and available for immediate delivery. The DTG2 remotely operated vehicle (Micro ROV) is a product like no other the world has seen. It's compact size, on-board batteries, and flexibility in viewing system options makes the DTG2 ROV the leader in portability and ease of use, while maintaining the capabilities of larger and higher priced ROV systems.

The applications for underwater exploration are endless, ranging from recreational sealife observation to commercial salvage site surveying to environmental and energy infrastructure inspection. Ease of use and clean design were coupled with quality components and innovative engineering to ensure that the Deep Trekker premier product is easily introduced to any activity or project.

World-wide deliveries of the first round of DTG2 Micro ROVs have all proven to be highly successful in a wide variety of applications. Deep Trekker has shipped units to 10 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

A thick cast aluminum body encases a 360 degree view port window, allowing for the maximum field of view in all directions. Two magnetically coupled thrusters eliminate the need for troublesome dynamic seals on board the submarine. A high resolution color camera with a tracking LED flood light is mounted on a patent-pending user-controlled centre shaft, and has the ability to rotate nearly completely around the center port window for an unprecedented view.


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