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Here's How Duke University is Improving their Research

Kiara Vallier   |   September 5, 2015

Duke University is now implementing the use of air drones into their Marine Science research center. The University has opened a new research and training facility for the use of unmanned aircraft systems. The goal of the initiative is to provide scientists and researchers with the ability to observe ocean patterns from the sky while also accessing remote areas that might have otherwise been too costly, dangerous or difficult to visit.

Here at Deep Trekker we think that integrating the use of drones and ROVs can be a great way to track and document observations and findings. In some cases, like exploring remote islands or observing deep waters, the situations are simply too dangerous to send a human to gather findings. That is where technology can be a huge asset to research projects. While Duke University is enhancing their facilities by adding air drones, the use of ROVs can be just as advantageous to marine conservation efforts. To learn how ROVs are being used for research and exploration take a look at our case study page.

Learn more about the use of air drones at Duke University by reading the University's news page here.

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