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The Future of Farming Wolfeel and Rockfish

Kiara Vallier   |   June 29, 2015

Shannon Balfry, the Director of the Aquatic Animal Breeding program at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Center (VAMSC) continues her research on the feasibility of introducing rockfish and wolfeel into the aquaculture industry.

With wild populations declining on the West Coast of Canada, Balfry has geared her recent research toward determining if farming these species is a viable option. The answer? In her eyes yes. Though there are still kinks to be worked out and obstacles to overcome, Balfry explains that her research has shown that biologically farming them is feasible.

Balfry is an advocate for species preservation and aims to help "create an industry that would support [their] conservation".

Read more about Balfry's research and the feasibility of introducing these species into the aquaculture industry:

Aquaculture North America: The great potential of wolfeel and rockfish

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