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Deep Trekker an Integral part of Filming Newest Commercial for “The Stingray Touch” Exhibit at Shedd Aquarium

Cody Warner   |   October 3, 2013

Deep Trekker today announced the Deep Trekker DTG2 ROV was used by Optimus, a Chicago agency to film a commercial for the Shedd Aquarium’s newest exhibit. The Shedd Aquarium is a not-for-profit attraction in Chicago, Illinois USA and have recently added ‘The Stingray Touch’ exhibit. The Deep Trekker ROV was a perfect option for filming at the Aquarium, providing an extremely portable and compact underwater camera that could be remotely operated. “It was such a difficult situation for us. We couldn't put divers in the tanks as the Rays hadn't been exposed to humans very much,” commented Craig Leffel, Director of Production at Optimus. “Without a submersible, that was intelligently built and easily controlled without training, we could have never pulled this off.”

Deep Trekker is pleased their ROV is being used for so many different applications ranging from security and commercial marine professionals to not-for-profit organizations and enthusiastic individuals. Deep Trekker is committed to ensuring that any person has the ability to explore the underwater world from a first person perspective.

“Stingrays are seen as frightening by those that don’t know about them,” commented Sam Macdonald Deep Trekker President “the footage from the perspective of the Deep Trekker ROV shows that they actually look like they’re smiling.” Deep Trekker is grateful to have been be part of this project at the Shedd Aquarium and will continue to help in any way they can. Optimus shared a mutual feeling “I will recommend you guys highly in the future, and we will continue to call as need arise.” Said Leffel.

Check out some of the footage here!

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