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Some Good News on Fisheries Health

Kiara Vallier   |   September 10, 2013

As manufacturers of ROVs used in fishing, fisheries, and aquaculture, we are often coming across bad news stories of overfishing, depleting stocks, pollution, or worse. Occasionally a good news story crosses my desk, and at least for a moment, I can have a smile.

This morning, I opened my computer to this story about some American fisheries making a comeback. The National Research Council undertook a study of 55 American fisheries previously classified as overfished, and found that only 9 are still in an over-fishing situation. The NRC has provided a great tool (fun too!) which allows you to track the fate of populations of fish by region and species.


The report basically outlines that overfishing is predominantly an issue in the east coast and Gulf of Mexico regions. In these areas, populations of fish have been driven so low that environmental fluxuations have serious impacts on the remaining stocks, and their ability to replenish. Because all good news needs a lesson, the article calls on a situation right here in Canada to serve as a stark reminder about the perils of overfishing: cod fisheries off the east coast of Canada, collapsed in the 1990s and subsequently saw catches slashed essentially to zero. Despite drastic measures, neither the fish population nor the fishery has shown signs of recovery.


Despite the warning, the news remains positive, increasingly so, and is reflected in the choices of fish available to consumers.

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