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Former Disaster Well Set to be Drilled

Cody Warner   |   May 15, 2015

Five years ago, the largest oil spill in United States history occurred off the coast of Louisiana due to an oil rig blowout. The same oil field involved in this spill is set to be drilled again by LLOG Exploration Offshore (Associated Press, 2015).

This time around, LLOG commits to not allowing this type of disaster to occur again. The event is still at the forefront of their minds during execution (Associated Press, 2015). The best way for an oil company to execute an oil drill of this magnitude is to use the old handyman cliché “measure twice, cut once.”

In an oil drilling mission, measuring can be referred to inspecting. Inspection of pipes, of connections, of valves. Careful inspection is tedious, and can be expensive, but is very important. The cost can be mitigated without a compromise in quality.

The use of work class ROVs is to be expected, with depths of 5,100 feet to travel through. This cost is essential and cannot be cut, but the inclusion of micro ROVs to perform topside inspections for the first 1,000 feet allows for thirty second deployments and only one employee to be occupied. Deep Trekker’s DTX2 easy maneuverability allows for more efficient and effective inspections, at a reasonable price.

Oil companies are businesses too and with oil prices struggling, it is important for these companies to save money to survive the economic climate. This should not mean cutting corners, which can result in situations that cost significantly more to repair.

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