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Giant Squid Found Washed Up On Shore in Spain

Cody Warner   |   October 4, 2013

Tuesday in Cantabria, Spain, beach goers were shocked to find a 30 foot long giant squid washed up on shore. This kind of thing does not happen every day and what was even more surprising was the squid was almost entirely intact. Previously, when Giant Squid wash to shore rarely is there an entire carcass.

After reading this article, here are 5 facts you may not have known about Giant Squid:

  1. Their eyes are massive
  2. Giant Squid usually live between 10,000 to 30,000 deep – which makes them so hard to find
  3. The Giant Squid found in Spain was a Architeuthis Dux, this species resides in lighter depth, it is where the legend of the Kraken and Sea Monsters came from
  4. The Architeuthis Dux is the largest invertebrate (animal without backbone) on earth
  5. In 2006, Japanese researchers brought the first live female squid measuring 24 feet.
Currently, the squid is that the Maritime Museum of Cantabria, for potentially later dissection as most of the information we know about giant squid come from caresses. Astonishing as this discovery is, it’s not a pretty site.

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