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Unleashing your inner James Cameron

Amanda Coulas   |   May 3, 2013

I remember when I was a kid (ok, I am about to date myself!) watching Jaques Cousteau swim the depths, and explore some of the coolest places on the planet - places I thought back then that I would likely never be able to see. Since then, I've always been fascinated by the subsea world. With the affordable ROV Deep Trekker DTG2, I have found that even the most benign things are captivating when they are underwater. I have spent an hour reading a book I located with the portable ROV that someone dropped into the lake. I have marveled over a piano that was submerged in 60 ft of water.

One of the most awesome activities I use the micro ROV DTG2 for is exploring shipwrecks. They seem haunting as the sometimes massive hulls emerge onto the screen of my handheld controller. As I glide the little ROV through the smallest entries into these sunken memories, I feel a bit voyeuristic, as though I'm stepping into a place forgotten by time and man, and it is absolutely thrilling.

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