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The Intriguing Life of an Octopus

Kiara Vallier   |   August 27, 2013

The other day, a friend of mine shared a link to a man’s experience with an octopus which posed the question of measuring intellect in animals. It’s a long read but it is a great one, a firsthand account interacting with an octopus and the human-like personalities that they can have.

After reading this amazing account, I went back and took a look at a video one of our customers sent us of an octopus they found with their Deep Trekker. The creature no longer looked like a blob squirming around, but now had a whole new life brought to it. I wondered about what it was thinking as this weird alien looking robot came towards it. Although it didn’t seem to rush away, maybe he was curious.

The author describes many stories of different octopuses and each of their personalities similar to humans, which is amazing that some can be shy or take a liking to certain people. But, what I found most interesting was about neurons. As some of you may know what some scientists believe intellect can be determined by the number of neurons in the brain. We have about 100 billion in our brains, while octopus have about 130 million, so logically we are smarter than them. The really exciting part about octopuses though is that their neurons are not localized to their brain, but they are also throughout their entire body. The author describes this as each tentacle having a brain of its own, which I think is amazing, but if you don’t think this is cool then maybe I’m just a nerd. In my opinion, we don’t give octopuses enough credit, they are far more complex than maybe we are even capable of understanding, but I would give anything for a day to experience the world like they do.

Take a look at the video and let me know your thoughts on this incredibly odd looking creature.

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