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World's Largest Manta Ray Sanctuary Announced in Indonesia

Amanda Coulas   |   February 21, 2014

Manta Rays are currently being slaughtered for their gills and fins in order to meet the demand in China. The Manta Rays are being killed at an alarming rate for use of only a small portion of their mass. Finally today, there is some good news and a step towards protecting these mystical creatures. Indonesia has announced that with the help of Ocean Elders, Virgin Unite, WildAid and Manta Trust the opening of the largest Manta Ray Sanctuary.

Indonesia is an ideal spot for a sanctuary such as this, with half of the global manta fisheries and world's largest shark and ray fishery - this sancuratry is the first step to healing the damage against this vulnerable species.

Sir Richard Branson - Protect Manta Rays from Blue Sphere Media on Vimeo.


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