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Improve Ocean Awareness and Appreciation Contest

Kiara Vallier   |   January 27, 2016

At Deep Trekker we are huge proponents for the oceans and lakes of the world. If you have been following our blog you know that we are constantly keeping up with various ocean conservation issues, debates and projects. In fact, the initial motivation for starting Deep Trekker was giving everyone the ability to explore the depths of the oceans and lakes, regardless of their background or career.

That is why the more we keep up with the "happenings" of the oceans, we become increasingly worried about the state of our Earth's water sources and the habitats that live within them. The issue of plastics in the ocean, dead zones, endangered species, illegal poaching and water warming are not new stories, but they are still as important as ever. We are working hard to ensure research groups and individual activists have access to our underwater drones to explore and research our waters. We will be expanding our reach this coming year, and will continue to share the different water conservation organizations and initiatives that we come across to help you.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to share an initiative aimed at improving the state of our oceans. Sea Change is an organization that is committed to the Earth's oceans and are hosting an ocean video contest that consists of applicants sharing a video about a project or initiative that they have come up with to improve ocean awareness and appreciation. The winner of the contest will the chance to turn their idea into a reality and also have the chance of spending a day behind the scenes at an aquarium alongside a marine scientist.

Learn more about the entry details for this amazing initiative

Looking for inspiration? Below is one of our videos filmed mostly with Deep Trekker's 4K Ultra HD System.

Check out some of our awesome tools that would be perfect for an ocean video

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