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Our Oceans 2014

Amanda Coulas   |   June 18, 2014

#OurOceans2014 has come to a close after two great days of discussions in regards to our ocean's health. Held by the US State Department, delegates from over 80 nations came together to protect the ocean ecosystems; bringing with them many great announcements and a serge of attention to #OurOcean on twitter.
With a focus on sustainable fishing, marine pollution and ocean acidification - not only the attendees but also those watching the live podcast or the twitter feeds were all part of the driving force to stop ignoring what is happening in our ocean ecosystems.
Some of the great announcements that I thought I would share are below.
1. Leonardo DiCaprio pledges 7 millions dollars to ocean conservation projects over the next two years.
2. Norway put 1 million dollars towards studies on how to deal with marine plastics.
3. President Obama has announced a new initiative to to combat seafood fraud and black market fishing.
4. Obama also announced the creation of the largest ocean preserve off the coast of Hawaii.
Fun Fact: 1 billion people rely on the ocean as their primary source of protein.
Here at Deep Trekker we believe to get the average person interested in our oceans, they have to see it. We are committed to ensuring everyone is able to explore and learn about the ocean with an ROV.
Learn more about #OurOceans and be part of the movement with us.

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