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Rogue Robot Lost at Sea

Kiara Vallier   |   May 26, 2015

The University of British Colombia is missing one of its autonomous marine gliders in the waters near Halifax Harbour. The operators are hoping that the public will be able to help locate the missing robot.

The glider was sent out two weeks ago as a part of a research project but did not report to its scheduled waypoint which was about 8 km from Devil's Island in the harbour. Operators are also warning motor-craft operators to keep an eye out and drive with caution to avoid any damage that could be created by running into the unit.

If you happen to come across the missing glider while operating your Deep Trekker ROV or cruising in your boat, please report it to the number found here.

It is not uncommon for pieces of equipment to go missing at sea which is why mini-ROVs can be a huge asset to any research team as they conduct their projects. ROVs have been used on multiple occasions to locate missing autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). In a situation like this one, the Deep Trekker ROVs could prove to be highly beneficial because of the complete portability that they offer. To learn more about what makes Deep Trekker ROVs perfect for salvage operations visit our industry page here.

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