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Getting Nostalgic while preparing for Subsea Expo '15

Amanda Coulas   |   February 2, 2015

As I’m gearing up and packing my suitcase to head out to Subsea Expo in Aberdeen, I can’t help but reflect on 2014, and all we’ve done with Deep Trekker and underwater exploration. Way back in 2010 we developed the Deep Trekker DTG2 out of an immense curiosity of not only what lay beneath the waves, but also about engineering, robotics. For me, it was the many people we would meet doing incredible things in ocean sciences, energy development, archaeology, and so much more. I recently blogged about some incredible people I’d really like to meet, but I’ve also been extremely lucky to have met so many fantastic people already. Perhaps they don’t have the fame or fortune of those in my last post, but many are doing amazing things.

Take Mike Morrow of M3 Wave for example. Mike is so passionate about disrupting the way we think about energy that he has developed a submerged wave energy technology to harness the wild and wonderful oceans to bring sustainable power for the future. He's brought his college idea which was once just milk bags and plastics spoons into reality. Along with the Deep Trekker ROV he has pulled together his technology over the years in a very economical way and has successfully trialed his new technology off the coast of Oregon.

And how about Neil Jensen from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, stationed in British Columbia, Neil dedicates himself to the preservation of our natural resources and was recently awarded a Diamond Jubilee Medal for being a Force Continuum instructor, emergency vehicle operator instructor, regionally recognized field trainer and mentor to junior officers, and for developing the DFO DARE (Drug Awareness) program within the Pacific Region. I've met Neil on several occasions, and would give him a medal of my own for his passion to his work, and to supporting others.

While in Aberdeen, I’ll be showcasing the Deep Trekker in partnership with Planet Ocean, a fantastic oceanographic equipment supplier headed up by Terry Sloan. Terry has been involved in ocean engineering in one form or another for over 35 years. Terry is a fellow of both IMarEST & the Royal Meteorological Society and serves as vice chairman of the Association of Marine Scientific industries, a member of the IMarEST Science & Technology Advisory Group and is a council member of the Challenger Society for Marine Science . Terry is a member of the Mary Rose Trust, learning and education team and provides guest lecturers in data logging to undergraduate and postgraduate courses in marine archaeology; he has also been a technical consultant to the BBC.

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