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See How Far We've Come for Aquaculture

Kiara Vallier   |   April 5, 2016

It’s been 5 years since Deep Trekker sold our very first DTG2 remotely operated vehicle (ROV) in 2011. That unit was sold to an aquaculture farm in Norway, a market we didn’t even think about when our ROV developments began. Since then, aquaculture remains our largest market around the globe. Fish farms in over 15 countries use Deep Trekker ROVs to perform daily net, mooring line, and general inspections.

In the past five years we have developed and improved our products to suit the needs of the people who use them day in and out. By listening to what our customers need and look for in a product, Deep Trekker has made several modifications to our ROVs in order to build the perfect tools for our customers.

Deep Trekker mini-ROVs are used in several industries worldwide. We are proud of 9 significant improvements that we have made that affect the aquaculture industry specifically.

1. We improved our thrusters

Initially, the thrusters on our DTG2 ROV had an operating speed of 1 knot. Since then we have upgraded to turbo thrusters that can move 2.5 times faster than our original units. Built with the same magnetic couplers and durable design, farm managers can now use the DTG2 ROV in stronger currents and reach areas of their farm much faster. Turbo thrusters are now standard on all our ROVs.

2. We upgraded our coating

Today all of our ROVs are anodized and given a double epoxy powder coat to ensure that they hold up well in salt water and will withstand the elements that are present at a number of farms.

3. We boosted and augmented the lighting

Since the release of our first ROVs, we have significantly improved the standard lighting on all units. We added the option of additional auxiliary lights to ensure that farm managers can inspect all areas of their farm at any time, day or night.

4. We improved our camera

Deep Trekker ROVs are all equipped with a SONY HD low-light analog camera that can reach up to 700 TVL. It is perfect for underwater conditions and can offer farm managers a clearer view of their fish and pens.

5. We upped our depth ratings

The original DTG2 was depth rated to 75 meters. Today, all DTG2 units are depth rated to at least 100 meters, with some units reaching 150 meters.

6. We added sensors

Current DTG2 Smart and Worker units come with a sensor package that displays information such as depth, heading, temperature, and camera angle all from the screen of the controller.

7. We redesigned our controllers

The original DTG2 had a simple handheld controller without a video display. Controllers now sport a super bright display screen and are splash proof. Deep Trekker ROVs became even more portable with the elimination of the need to bring an additional video screen to the inspection site. Splash proofing protects the controller from damage if it gets a little wet.

8. We introduced aquaculture specific add-ons

Tools such as Deep Trekker’s Mort Pusher and Net Repairer have been developed so that farm managers and employees can perform routine tasks on the farm without the need to hire divers.

9. We built an entirely new unit for offshore farms

Just last year we released our newest ROV model, the DTX2 ROV. Built with the same innovative design, this ROV features four vectored thrusters that allow for lateral movement and improved thrust. The DTX2 can travel up to 3.5 knots and reach depths of up to 305 meters, making it the perfect tool for offshore farms that operate in higher currents.

We continue to listen to our customers in all of the industries to which we sell. Aquaculture is only one of the areas in which we have made several developments to our products to meet the needs of the people using them. Aquaculture remains our largest market and we will continue to build and innovate our products to offer the ability to perform tasks needed by farms.

To learn more about Deep Trekker ROVs in the Aquaculture industry check out our industry page here.

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