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Shark Week is over, now what?

Kiara Vallier   |   August 16, 2013

Even with the excitement of Shark Week behind us, the buzz from the stunning in depth look at these mysterious underwater creatures is still in the atmosphere. Almost every person watched Shark Week and will have a story of their favorite moment. I must admit, I too was blown away from the immense knowledge that we are learning through the great work of researchers and divers, but even more by how much we still don’t know. The oceans covers 71% of this planet we call home, yet most of it hasn’t even been explored.

It’s not surprising that we put so much effort into exploring and understanding the parts of the world covered by land – because we can see it. The depths of our lakes and oceans prevent us from easily taking interest, yet one week of magnificent photography and video of what is really down there reminds us all that underwater is a world worth understanding.

I came to this realization at the Orillia Waterfront Festival this past weekend, a recreational weekend for boaters and cottagers. Practically every other person said Deep Trekker could be used to learn more about underwater species or to put a shark fin on the top to scare their kids. Shark Week had brought out an extra curiosity and desire to know what is under water. Even here in the Muskokas and Great Lakes, those that don’t dive themselves are restricted from knowing what lies beneath their waters, but the eye-opening footage has brought out the desire to learn to snorkel, dive, or send down a camera.

The popularity of Shark Week makes me hopeful that more people will stay mindful of our waters and demand that we know more, even if just for next year’s Shark Week. Share your comments; do you think Shark Week impacted the average person to seek out more information? Will you be heading out this weekend to learn more?

Happy Friday everyone!

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