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Deep Trekker to Showcase ROVs at HydroVision 2015

Cody Warner   |   July 8, 2015

Deep Trekker Inc. announced today they will be attending HydroVision International 2015 in Portland from July 14th to July 17th. Their remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) will be on display and in the 200 gallon water tank for attendees to take a test drive. The DTG2 is a top quality inspection and intervention device for Hydroelectric Dams around the world.

Deep Trekker ROVs are operated in many different industries across the globe: Aquaculture, Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling, Commercial Diving and Salvage, Military and Policing, Search and Rescue, Environmental Monitoring and many more applications.

In the wake of HydroVision, the focus is turned to asset management, more specifically Hydroelectric Dam inspections. Deep Trekker ROVs can be used to inspect everything from the reservoir, the intakes, the filters, the penstock, the outflow and any other nook and cranny underwater. The DTG2 is less than 14 inches in width, allowing it to fit into small spaces, while being equipped with turbo thrusters that allow it to operate with ease in up to 2 knot currents with its 2.5 knot speed.

Deep Trekker will be showcasing live demonstrations for the attendees "It is the best way to fully understand just how easy it is to use" commented Sam Macdonald, Deep Trekker President. "We invite every attendee to experience the difference of monitoring of their submerged infrastructure regularly and with ease."

Regular inspection of is the best practice for maintaining a dam and avoiding costly repairs. Dams have an expected life of 50-100 years (TeachEngineering 2015), the only way to get to a 100 year lifespan and earn the best possible return on a dam investment is keeping eyes on the structure. Water is a powerful force and batters even the strongest and best planned structures but it is difficult to justify shutting off the flow and losing power to our communities to perform routine inspections. Deep Trekker keeps the lights on and the dam operating for the longest possible life; it is the most affordable insurance policy you could ask for.

See Deep Trekker at HydroVision Booth 4102 for more information or request a quote for a Deep Trekker ROV today

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