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Writing in the Sand...250 Feet Deep

Cody Warner   |   October 2, 2013

A massive number 9 has been found written in the sand 250 below the waters surface off the coast of Norway. Not only does this seem impossible to do, the number is 1000 meters long. So the question is -- how did it get there?

Now you might be thinking this must be something like the crop circles that were ever so popular in the 90s, but as this article explains after the Norwegian government allocated funds to perform a complete assessment of the area, Norwegian scientists have found that icebergs are actually the cause. In the Barents Sea where other marking looking like arrow heads have been found, scientists mapped the sea floor with a high resolution camera; determining it was during the last ice age icebergs were writing in the sand.

They believe that during the ice age, icebergs could have been stuck in one position and then drastically moved around with the water, which in turn formed these mystical shapes. All in all, I still find it pretty amazing that an iceberg could be the cause of this massive and very well written '9'.

What do you think? Are you a believer in the paranormal or amazed by our earth's rich history.

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