ROV Add Ons

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Aux Camera – Dual

$1,499 USD
Auxiliary Camera Single

Aux Camera – Single

$1,249 USD
search and rescue-auxiliary-lighting

Auxiliary Lighting

$1,499 USD
blueprint oculus multibeam sonars deep trekker dtg2 rov mount

Blueprint Oculus Multibeam Sonars // ROV Mount

$23,747 USD
Cutter Attachment for ROV

Cutter Attachment

$2,999 USD
Dual External Flood Lights

External Flood Lights

$2,999 USD
gemini ik tritech multi beam sonar deep trekker

Gemini 720ik Multibeam Imaging Sonar

Plug-in for Power

Hybrid-Power System

$999 USD
4K Underwater Camera for ROV

Internal 4K Ultra HD Camera

$2,999 USD

Laser Scaler

$699 USD