DT340XL Pipe Crawler Package

$55,270 USD

Pricing shown in USD

Pipe Range: 8-inch – 36-inch (200mm – 900mm)

The DT340 XL is our Full Loaded package. Conduct rapid and frequent cctv pipe inspections of stormwater and wastewater pipe systems with this complete setup.

Package Contents:

  • DT340X Pipe Crawler Package +
    • Crawler Tracks
    • 8 & 10” Carbide Wheels
    • Rear-Facing Camera
    • Wheel Spacers
    • Control Console
    • Power Reel
    • Lifting Lit
    • DVR – Digital Video Recording
    • Sonde
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Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) Camera Head Specifications: 

Imager: Color 1/4” CCD
Resolution: 530 TVL, 1.0 lux
Zoom: 10X Optical, 12X Digital
Features: Auto/manual iris, auto/manual focus
Tilt Range: 280 degrees
Pan Range: Infinite (continuous)

Click “Additional Information” above for all specifications. 

The DT340 XL Pipe Crawler is submersible up to 50m (164 ft) of water. Inspect submerged storm, sanitary, or underwater pipelines with ease.

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Additional information


Length: 770 mm (30.3")
Height: 230 mm (9.05")
Width: 270 mm (10.62")

Weight (in air)

25 kg (57.2 lb)
With tracks: 28.8 kg (63.5 lb)


Stainless steel

Flood Lights

Dimmable, Shadowless LED Flood

Minimum Pipe Size

200 mm (8”)

Depth Rating

50 M (164 FT)

Operating Temperature

-5C to 40C (23F – 104F)


17.2 m / min

Electrical System

19.2 VDC (Lithium batteries)
Up to 8 hours Run Time
1.5 hrs Recharge

Included Sensors

Incline, Roll, Leak, Internal Temperature, Camera pan/tilt


5 mm (0.19”)
Polyurethane outer jacket with embedded Light weight synthetic fibers
Optional Lengths up to 400 m (1,312 ft)

Tether Strength

Minimum Breaking Strength: 453 kg (1000 lb)

Tether Reel

Industrial tough; IP68
Standalone hall effect tether counter
Manual coil
Free-wheel uncoil with guide

Drive System

Power: Planetary gear motor (2 pieces)
Wheel Control: Steerable, active freewheel, Infinitely variable (forward & reverse)
Gear Train: High strength oversized gears
Final Drives: Magnetically coupled