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Salmon Farming in British Columbia

As we prepare and pack up for our trip to Nanaimo, BC this weekend for Aquaculture Canada 2015 we wanted to share some background on the area where we are headed. British Columbia is home to a number of aquaculture farms that contribute to a major portion of global fish production. The industry has been present in the area for over half a decade and continues to grow as the global demand for seafood increases.

This upcoming week we will be in the beautiful Nanaimo, BC to attend the annual conference that brings together industry professionals from around the nation. We are excited to be attending and eager to learn from industry leaders and specialists alike! Deep Trekker will be providing attendees with information on our robust and unique ROV's and how they are the perfect companion for any fish farmer.

The most commonly cultivated species of fish that is farmed in the area is salmon; a well-loved dinner item for many people around the globe. As global demand for salmon continues to increase the need for aquaculture becomes more apparent to combat against the loss of our wild fish stocks.

In many cases, farmers try to mimic the life cycle of salmon as it would occur in the wild in order to produce the best tasting and healthiest fish as possible. They do this by starting to produce salmon in freshwater hatcheries, then transferring them to saltwater once the species has reached its smolt stage. From there the fish are free to swim and school from within their pens and are closely monitored to ensure that they remain content and healthy. The healthier the species the happier the farmer!

While in British Columbia next week, we will be touring some salmon farms and showing off our ROVs at any chance that we get so if you are attending the event we look forward to seeing you there!

For anyone who wishes to learn more about salmon farming in BC check out this awesome and informative video from BC Salmon Farmer's Association. It covers the basics regarding salmon farming in the region specifically as well as outlining the typical life-cycle of a farmed salmon.