ROV Attachments

Attachments to enhance ROV capabilities.

Deep Trekker, Inc. products provide a portable, user-friendly solution that makes underwater observation easy. Our assortment of remote operated vehicles (ROVs) and pipe crawlers can maneuver into the tightest spots to capture and transmit clear, concise underwater images via specially designed integrated HD cameras. In many cases, our commercial grade ROVs can provide a cost-effective supplement to hiring professional divers to perform various underwater inspection tasks.

Fully Customizable ROV and Pipe Crawler Equipment

A great way to enhance the performance and versatility of your ROV or pipe crawler is by adding one or more of the numerous attachments that are available as optional product features. Use the attachments to create a customized, task-specific underwater observation product that meets your unique requirements.

Underwater ROV Attachments


Crawler Wheels

Crawler Wheels: Facilitates maneuvering in tight spaces such as pipes, along sediment, or against a ship’s hull. Learn more →

$249.00 USD


DTG2 Auxiliary Lights

Auxiliary Lighting: This ROV attachment enhances illumination in darker, murkier waters. Learn More →

$1,499.00 USD


Dual LED External Flood Lights

External Flood Lights: This ROV attachment provides even more illumination, with lighting further away from the camera. Learn More →

$2,999.00 USD


Laser Scaler

Laser Scaler: Uses two laser beams to estimate the relative size of underwater objects, specimens, or defects. Learn More →

$699.00 USD



4K Ultra HD system: Records high-resolution Ultra HD 4K video at depths up to 305 m. Learn More →

$2,999.00 USD



Aux Camera – Single & Dual: Enables additional camera views for tasks such as net, bridge and infrastructure inspections. Learn More →

$1,499.00 USD


Plug-in for Power

Hybrid-Power System: Extends run-time of the DTG2 ROV with option to plug into power or switch to on-board battery power. Learn More →

$999.00 USD


Diveable Controller in Action

Diveable Control System: Waterproof handheld controller that enables you to dive with your ROV up to 75 m (250 ft). Learn More →

$6,499.00 USD


Sediment Sampler

Sediment Sampler: Collects samples up to 250 cc in size. Learn More →

$199.00 USD


Cutter Attachment for ROV

Cutter Attachment: Fast, efficient way to cut snagged lines or tethers. Learn More →

$2,999.00 USD


Water Sampler

Water Sampler: Collects water samples of up to 100 cc. Learn More →

$199.00 USD


Gemini Multibeam Integrated to DTX2 ROV

Gemini 720is Multibeam Imaging Sonar: Integrates to the DTX2 ROV for enhanced imaging capabilities in low-visibility situations. Learn More →

$34,999.00 USD


Micron Sonar Integration to ROV

TriTech Micron Sonar: Single-beam sonar enables obstacle avoidance and target recognition in low-visibility situations. Learn More →

$9,644.00 USD


Options and Accessories for ROV

MicronNav USBL: Underwater positioning system using acoustics. Learn More →

$19,073.00 USD



Thickness Gauge: Remotely measures the thickness of metal on hulls or tanks without having to remove protective coatings. Learn More →

$7,847.00 USD


Control Console Main

Control Console: Provides a compact way to monitor and control software required for additional add-ons such as USBL, thickness gauge, and sonars. Learn More →

$7,999.00 USD


Go Pro Mount for ROV

GoPro Mount: Allows you to attach a GoPro camera to your ROV. Learn More →

$39.00 USD


Video Glasses

Digital Video Glasses: Specially designed eyewear that displays the camera live feed and blocks out all sunlight. Learn More →

$499.00 USD



Digital Video Recorder: Handheld device that allows you to record all your undersea activities to an SD card. Learn More →

$549.00 USD


Downrigger fishing ROV

Downrigger: Enables you to use your ROV to bring your bait and line directly to the fish. Learn More →

$99.00 USD


mort retrieval system - digger

Mort Retrieval System: Aquaculture tool that assists in removing or transporting morts to lift-up systems. Learn More →

$254.00 USD


Net Repairer: Aquaculture tool that assists in patching tears or holes in nets without diver intervention. Learn More →

$1,999.00 USD


Service Kit

Service Parts Kit: Features an assortment of ROV replacement parts in one convenient storage case. Learn More →

$449.00 USD


Feel free to contact us to learn more about how you can use these attachments to create a customizable pipe crawler or ROV for your specific underwater tasks.

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