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Congratulations Aquaculture Award Recipients

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The Scottish Marine Aquaculture Awards took place last week in Edinburgh attracting farmers, scientists, researchers, suppliers and aquaculture leaders to commemorate some of the hard work that was put into Scotland’s aquaculture industry. The ceremony has been taking place since 2008 and is dedicated to celebrating the achievements of industry professionals in the Scottish Aquaculture world.

Here at Deep Trekker, as we learn more about aquaculture and the practices involved we have come to truly appreciate the hard work and dedication that industry members put into their research, farms, operations, and monitoring. We want to take the time to congratulate all of the recipients on receiving their awards and thank them for their contribution to this ever-growing industry.

A big shout out to Scotland’s only female farm manager, Rosie Curtis, who was recognized for her work in the industry and won the Farm Manager of the year award. Curtis is a manager at Marine Harvest and stood out from other well-known companies like Scottish Salmon Company, Scottish Sea Farms and Gigha Halibut. Congratulations Rosie!

Guy Mace is another amazing individual who won an award for Outstanding Contributions to the Industry. Mace retires as managing director from BioMar in June and was also given special recognition for this. Well done!

In addition to the awards for individuals, a few different companies and groups walked away with awards of their own. The Scottish Shellfish Marketing group was awarded with the Aquaculture Seafood Product category and AKVA group Scotland Ltd won the Aquaculture Supplier award. The Community Initiative award was given to Seafood Shetland, the Innovation award to Mara Seaweed and Cooke Aquaculture Scotland Ltd walked away with the Business Development award for their furnace smolt unit.

Scottish Sea Farms Ltd was awarded with being the Best Aquaculture Company as well as receiving a joint award with Marine Harvest (Scotland) Ltd for Stewardship.

Congratulations to all of the recipients! As we learn more about the industry we discover how important aquaculture is for the world. Companies and individuals who work hard at what they do and act in the best interest of the industry and the ocean sure do deserve to be rewarded.

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Photo Courtesy of Scottish Marine Aquaculture Awards

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