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deep trekker dtg2 rov underwater drone starter 500x335

DTG2 Starter

$3,899.00 USD
DTG2 Pro Package

DTG2 Pro

$4,899.00 USD
DTG2 Smart Package

DTG2 Smart

$7,799.00 USD
deep trekker dtg2 rov underwater drone worker 500x335

DTG2 Worker

$9,499.00 USD
DTX2 ROV Package with Cases

DTX2 Package

$26,999.00 USD

DTX2 with Grabber

$28,498.00 USD
DT340 L Package

DT340L Pipe Crawler Package

$12,916.00 USD
DT340 S Package

DT340S Pipe Crawler Package

$25,996.00 USD
DT340 X Package

DT340X Pipe Crawler Package

$36,372.00 USD

DTPod 150 Base Package

$3,198.00 USD
Utility Crawler Package

DT640 Utility Crawler

$12,498.00 USD

DTPod 150 Package

$5,197.00 USD
Utility Crawler Package

DT640Mag Utility MagCrawler

$14,998.00 USD

DTPod 300 Package

$9,497.00 USD

Aux Camera – Dual

$1,499.00 USD
Auxiliary Camera Single

Aux Camera – Single

$1,248.75 USD

Auxiliary Lighting

$1,499.00 USD

Crawler Wheels

$249.00 USD
Cutter Attachment for ROV

Cutter Attachment

$2,999.00 USD
Video Glasses

Digital Video Glasses

$499.00 USD

Digital Video Recorder

$549.00 USD
Diveable Controller in Action

Diveable Control System

$6,499.00 USD
Downrigger fishing ROV


$99.00 USD
Dual External Flood Lights

External Flood Lights

$2,999.00 USD
Gemini Multibeam Integrated to DTX2 ROV

Gemini 720is Multibeam Imaging Sonar

$34,999.00 USD
Go Pro Mount for ROV

GoPro Mount

$39.00 USD
Plug-in for Power

Hybrid-Power System

$999.00 USD
4K Underwater Camera for ROV

Internal 4K Ultra HD Camera

$2,999.00 USD

Laser Scaler

$699.00 USD

MicronNav USBL

$19,073.00 USD
mort retrieval system - digger

Mort Retrieval System

$254.00 USD
Large Net Repairer Patch

Net Repairer Tool

$1,999.00 USD
oculus multibeam sonars deep trekker dtg2 rov mount

Oculus Multibeam Sonars // ROV Mount

Sediment Sampler

Sediment Sampler

$199.00 USD
Service Kit

Service Parts Kit – DTG2

$449.00 USD

Thickness Gauge

$7,847.00 USD

TriTech Micron Sonar

$9,644.00 USD
Water Sampler

Water Sampler

$199.00 USD
10" Carbide Wheels

10″ Carbide Grit Wheels

$1,999.00 USD
Pipe Crawler Carbide Wheels

8″ Carbide Grit Wheels

$1,609.00 USD
Pipe Crawler Tracks

Crawler Tracks Kit

$6,499.00 USD
Elevating Arm for Pipe Crawler

DT340 Elevating Arm

$3,899.00 USD
Pipe Crawler Lifting Kit

Lifting Hook and Rope

$99.00 USD
10" Wheel Set for Pipe Crawler

Wheel Kit for 10″ Pipe

$849.00 USD
12" wheel set for pipe crawler

Wheel Kit for 12″ Pipe

$1,279.00 USD
Pipe Inspection Software

WinCan Software

Utility Crawler with Thickness Gauge

DT640 Cygnus Thickness Gauge Attachment by Deep Trekker™

$9,999.00 USD
Scrape Surfaces with Dozer Attachment

DT640 Dozer Attachment by Deep Trekker™

$1,499.00 USD
Utility Crawler Elevating Camera

DT640 Elevating Auxiliary Camera by Deep Trekker™

$2,499.00 USD
Remote Pressure Washer Robot

DT640 Pressure Washer Attachment by Deep Trekker™

$1,999.00 USD
DT640 Tank Cleaning Vacuum Attachment

DT640 Vacuum Head Attachment by Deep Trekker™

$1,999.00 USD

DTPod Dual Wipers

$199.00 USD

DTPod Tether Reel & Case

$998.00 USD
deep trekker dtpod surveillance camera thruster - 500x335

DTPod Thruster Rotate

$998.00 USD

DTPod Zoom Camera

$998.00 USD
Control Console Main

Control Console

$7,999.00 USD