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DTG2 Starter Package

DTG2 Starter

DTG2 Pro Package

DTG2 Pro

DTG2 Smart Package

DTG2 Smart

DTG2 Worker

DTG2 Worker

DTX2 ROV Package with Cases

DTX2 Package


DTX2 with Grabber

4K Underwater Camera for ROV

Internal 4K Ultra HD Camera

Crawler Wheels

Crawler Wheels


Aux Camera – Dual

Auxiliary Camera Single

Aux Camera – Single


Laser Scaler


Auxiliary Lighting

Dual External Flood Lights

External Flood Lights

Plug-in for Power

Hybrid-Power System

Diveable Controller in Action

Diveable Control System

Sediment Sampler

Sediment Sampler

Cutter Attachment for ROV

Cutter Attachment

Water Sampler

Water Sampler

Gemini Multibeam Integrated to DTX2 ROV

Gemini 720is Multibeam Imaging Sonar


TriTech Micron Sonar


MicronNav USBL


Thickness Gauge

Control Console Main

Control Console

Go Pro Mount for ROV

GoPro Mount

Video Glasses

Digital Video Glasses


Digital Video Recorder

Downrigger fishing ROV


Large Net Repairer Patch

Net Repairer Tool

mort retrieval system - digger

Mort Retrieval System

Service Kit

Service Parts Kit – DTG2

DT340 L Package Contents

DT340L Pipe Crawler Package

DT340 S Package Contents

DT340S Pipe Crawler Package

Pipe Crawler with Elevating Arm

DT340 Elevating Arm

Pipe Crawler Lifting Kit

Lifting Hook and Rope

Carbide Grit Wheels Traction

Carbide Grit Wheels


Wheel Kit for 10″ Pipe

12" wheels

Wheel Kit for 12″ Pipe

Crawler Tracks

Crawler Tracks Kit