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DT340L Pipe Crawler Package

$18,310 USD

DT340L Pipe Crawler Package

$18,310 USD

Built for municipal pipe inspections, the Deep Trekker DT340 Pipe Crawler is 100% submersible and fully self-contained. The only crawler on the market that is flexible and doesn't require additional equipment such as a service truck or generator. 100% battery powered - the DT340 will last up to 8 hours on one charge.

Everything you need to get started with a DT340 crawler system and perform basic 8" (200mm) pipe inspections. This system can be upgraded over time, this budget friendly option can get you started and can grow with your pipe inspection program.

DT340 Pipe Crawler with Static Camera Head

656 ft (200 m) Tether on Reel

Handheld Controller

Carrying Cases (2)

DT340LE Pipe Crawler Specs

Speed12 m / min
Tether5 mm (0.19"), Polyurethane outer jacket with embedded Light weight synthetic fibers, Optional Lengths up to 400 m (1,312 ft)
Weight15.5 kg
Manual coilFree-wheel uncoil with guide
Tether ReelIndustrial tough; IP68
Depth Rating50 M (164 FT)
Flood LightsDimmable, Shadowless LED Flood
Tether StrengthMinimum Breaking Strength: 453 kg (1000 lb)
Included SensorsIncline, Roll, Leak, Internal Temperature
Electrical System19.2 VDC (Lithium batteries), Up to 8 hours Run Time, 1.5 hrs Recharge
Minimum Pipe Size200 mm (8")
Operating Temperature-5C to 40C (23F - 104F)

DT340LE Pipe Crawler - Dimensions Specs

Width141 mm (5.55")
Height151 mm (5.96")
Length610 mm (24")

DT340 Pipe Crawler - Drive System Specs

PowerPlanetary gear motor (2 pieces)
Gear TrainHigh strength oversized gears
Final DrivesMagnetically coupled
Wheel ControlSteerable, active freewheel, Infinitely variable (forward & reverse)