BC Salmon Farming

Salmon Farming in British Columbia

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As we prepare and pack up for our trip to Nanaimo, BC this weekend for Aquaculture Canada 2015 we wanted to share some background on the area where we are headed. British Columbia is home to a number of aquaculture farms that contribute to a major portion of global fish production. The industry has been present in the area for …

Canada Atlantic Aquaculture

A look into Canadian Atlantic Aquaculture

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One of the most common misconceptions among Canadians surrounding aquaculture is probably that the people who work in the industry do not care about sustainability or the environment. In reality there are a number of members working directly in the industry who are advocates for sustainable and healthy farming practices. We are going to explore the world of Canada’s Atlantic …

climate change on aquaculture

The Importance of Climate Change for Aquaculture

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The aquaculture industry produces almost half of the food that the world consumes and that number is still growing. As demand for fish continues, the aquaculture industry is used in conjunction with wild fisheries in order to help meet the global demand for fish and rebuild our Earth’s wild fish stocks. On top of providing a large portion of the …


Ancient Schooner Buried Under Toronto, Ontario

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Earlier this month, during the construction of downtown Toronto – an archaeology company discovered a 19th century wooden Schooner buried 6 meters under the concrete of the city. In Toronto, it is required to have any construction site to first have an archaeological dig, so we have some new condo developments to thank. Many people reading our blog aren’t Canadian, …