Pearl Harbour Maritime Security

Historical Look at Maritime Security: Pearl Harbour

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Here at Deep Trekker we have turned a particular focus on Maritime Security and have focused our time on solving problems of defending future attacks.  It is important to recognize the past and review previous attacks that have been waged on ports to ensure that efforts toward port security are taken seriously. The most infamous attack at a port occurred …

Port Maritime Security Defense

The New Age of Terrorism, Using an Old Platform

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In an age where the biggest warfare threat to society is terrorism, anti-terrorism is the focus of our National Defense efforts.  The transportation networks seem to be the means through which terrorists perform their attacks, due to high population density and their ability to maneuver their weapon.  When you review acts of terrorism such as 9/11 or the London Subway bombings …

Hydrovision 2015

Deep Trekker to Showcase ROVs at HydroVision 2015

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Deep Trekker Inc. announced today they will be attending HydroVision International 2015 in Portland from July 14th to July 17th.   Their remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) will be on display and in the 200 gallon water tank for attendees to take a test drive.  The DTG2 is a top quality inspection and intervention device for Hydroelectric Dams around the world. Deep Trekker ROVs …

Zebra Mussel Invasion Remediation

Fighting Back: Zebra Mussel Invasion

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Zebra Mussels have been found in multiple locations throughout Wellington Lake in Kansas (KWCH12 2015).  This is yet another lake to become exposed to the invasive species.  You may or may not have heard about the freshwater species that originated in Russian area lakes and rivers, or how they arrived in the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River (Hoddle 2010). …

Nemo's Garden underwater greenhouses

Gardening Below the Surface: Nemo’s Garden

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As I continue my work here at Deep Trekker I have had the opportunity to learn more and more about the relationship between growing crops and the ocean. This relationship does not just stop at farming finfish and shellfish species- it deals with plants too! With work being focused on Aquaponics, the idea that the ocean and its available nutrients …

rockfish farming canada

The Future of Farming Wolfeel and Rockfish

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Shannon Balfry, the Director of the Aquatic Animal Breeding program at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Center (VAMSC) continues her research on the feasibility of introducing rockfish and wolfeel into the aquaculture industry. With wild populations declining on the West Coast of Canada, Balfry has geared her recent research toward determining if farming these species is a viable option. The …

Aquaculture escape prevention

Farm Escape Prevention Practices

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With the recent news coverage of over 16 000 escaped farmed salmon in Europe, the importance of escape prevention is made even more prominent in today’s aquaculture industry. By providing the majority of the world’s fish for food, the global aquaculture industry needs to place escape prevention high on its list of priorities. While the effectiveness of escape prevention and …


Offshore Drilling: How to Lose a Partner in 10 Days

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An awful reference to a 2003 Matthew McConaughey movie?  Check.  And I apologize. Pemex has been in the news again however causing their current and potential private drilling counterparts to question them as partners in future ventures. “Akal-H” a platform in the supergiant oil field Cantarell experienced a fire and explosion (Reuters 2015).  The incident did not result in any casualties. The …

Sea Turtle Species

Happy Sea Turtle Day!

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According to the NOAA today is Sea Turtle Day. Did you know that these astonishing creatures have been around for 110 million years- that’s as long as the dinosaurs! Their shells are streamlined for swimming and unlike other species of turtles, sea turtles cannot actually retract their legs and head into their shells. Neat huh? In honour of Sea Turtle Week (and …

Aquaculture awards Scotland

Congratulations Aquaculture Award Recipients

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The Scottish Marine Aquaculture Awards took place last week in Edinburgh attracting farmers, scientists, researchers, suppliers and aquaculture leaders to commemorate some of the hard work that was put into Scotland’s aquaculture industry. The ceremony has been taking place since 2008 and is dedicated to celebrating the achievements of industry professionals in the Scottish Aquaculture world. Here at Deep Trekker, …


The Power of One Percent

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It is very easy for companies to fall into a habit of “this is how we have always done it” or “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” There are many articles, motivational posters, white papers, blogs and cartoons all across the online media world outlining the downfall of stagnation in business.  There are also many more advocates for innovation …

Vancouver Island Sturgeon

Sturgeon Studies

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On our last day in British Columbia last week a few of us from the Deep Trekker team had the opportunity to tour the aquaculture department at the Vancouver Island University. We had the chance to see a number of tropical species along with species that are native to Canada. We saw their facilities including their hatchery tanks, aquaponics centre …