Underwater Observation Made Easy

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Underwater Observation Made Easy

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The Deep Trekker Difference

Easy to Use

With a patented pitching system, and gaming style controller, quickly and easily learn to pilot the Deep Trekker underwater mini ROVs​.

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Portable Solution

All in one box, with nothing else required, Deep Trekker is the only truly portable ROV. Watch us launch in less than 30 seconds.

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Top Notch Service

We are available when you need us. We don’t hide behind big titles, or pass the buck. A senior team member is an email or phone call away.

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What seems like magic is some creative engineering that provides unmatched maneuverability. This ROV acts like an Underwater Drone. See how it works

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Complete systems and parts at an affordable cost, because our waters cannot be understood unless they are explored.​

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Why People LOVE Deep Trekker

We are a movement for accessible sub-sea exploration and work.

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Recent News

Creating an Ocean to Learn about the Oceans

November 23, 2015If you have been following our blog you know that at Deep Trekker we are huge proponents for ocean education and conservation. We believe that the better someone understands the oceans and the forces at play within them, the better ...

A World Without the Oceans

November 18, 2015Today officials from the United States and Cuba are set to sign an agreement that brings the two countries together for the protection of vital marine ecosystems from increased threats such as over-fishing, climate change and pollution. Back in early ...

You Asked Us Anything

November 16, 2015Two weeks ago Sam and Amanda took part in an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on Reddit to answer any and all questions surrounding our mini-remotely operated vehicles. The AMA offered anyone who is not familiar with ROVs and the marine ...

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Mini ROV

Some people call it an underwater robot or an underwater drone, the technical term is really “remotely operated vehicle” or “ROV” and those that are ROV pilots understand this term. But hey, what about the rest of us, what does that mean? Is it on land, air or water? Well, ROV implies ‘underwater remotely operated vehicle’. It is essentially a remote control underwater camera. Yes, it’s like having your own personal diver to perform all of those intricate and difficult jobs without ever having to pay someone to get in the water. Quickly and efficiently inspect underwater infrastructure, record aquaculture net inspections, inspect pipelines and tanks without diver intervention, and more. Record your inspections for documentation all using a Deep Trekker ROV with underwater camera. HD video is captured in real time, and anyone can pilot the Deep Trekker line of ROVs – so your engineers that know what they are looking for can complete the inspections without relying on someone else’s interpretation.

Already know about ROVs? Maybe you’re looking for an affordable underwater ROV or just one that’s easy to use, but ours looks quite a bit different than the traditional ones you may already know. Deep Trekker ROVs don’t look like other ROVs because it’s unlike any other subsea vehicle on the market. The rugged, robust Deep Trekker DTG2 and DTX2 were designed with tough jobs in mind, but with intense attention given to the user experience. Taking their cues from larger ROVs, the Deep Trekker brings all of the functionality required for difficult jobs, but without the usual complexity.

Deep Trekker Inc. is the world’s only remotely operated vehicle manufacturer of affordable ROVs, which are portable and easy to use. We believe that commercial grade ROVs shouldn’t be limited to large companies with big enough budgets – we provide a product that is built to take a beating but not break the bank.

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