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Inspection and Cleaning Robotics

Making underwater tasks safer and easier than ever before.


Deep Trekker offers cost-effective and safe inspection and cleaning ROVs. Typically, when inspecting or cleaning a water tank, operators are required to drain the tank completely, taking it offline for days at a time. Alternatively, divers have been used to inspect tanks, posing safety and water contamination risks. Talk to our Industry Specialist today about your specific needs and learn more about:

  • Routine water tank and tower inspections
  • Keep your systems online
  • Sample water quality
  • Clean sediment from water tanks and towers

Cost-effective and easy to use tank inspections and cleaning

Typically tanks are drained to be inspected or require divers to inspect and clean. Deep Trekker ROVs are designed to complete the job without the safety risks and time lost without interruption of service. Our vehicles can be sanitized to avoid compromising water quality and provide your customers a high quality inspection without the high cost and inconvenience of traditional inspection needs.

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Standpipe Cleaning with Ron Perrin Water Technologies, Inc.

"On standpipes we often deal with at least 100 feet of water so the divers can’t stay down as long as the Deep Trekker can."

Robert Perrin, Ron Perrin Water Technologies

The Tank Inspectors

"We only take one cleaner, one ROV all of that distance because they just work."

Dan Houlands, The Tank Inspectors

Water storage tank inspection & maintenance 101

"Tank inspection is imperative for structurally sound, clean and safe water tanks. Without inspections, issues can arise quickly and sludge can build, compromising the integrity and cleanliness of the tank."