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Underwater ROV

Commercial grade underwater drones that make inspections easier than ever before

Portable, commercial-grade ROVs

Deep Trekker ROVs are portable, affordable and easy to use, providing solutions to various underwater projects.

As innovators in the ROV industry, our team can provide you with the right robotic system for your application.

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Making inspections and surveys in the harshest environments easier than ever before.

Intelligent and advanced capabilities make the portable, commercial grade ROV the best in its class.

  • Max Depth: 200M (656 FT)
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 Hours
  • Custom Ports: 2
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ROV Add-Ons

Integrate your Deep Trekker with sophisticated attachments designed for your specific industry needs.

How is Deep Trekker Being Used in Your Industry?

City of Toronto

"My Director said there’s got to be an easier way of doing this, there’s got to be something that’s a little bit more reliable and safer for the staff. And you’re not sending a person up a pipe."

Arash Farajian, Business Operations Consultant, Toronto Water, City of Toronto

Foss Maritime Company

"After tracking the first year of ROV use, Foss realized an astounding actual and measurable impact of saving/earnings of a total of $135,650, which was DOUBLE original predictions."

Amanda Dayton, skipsverftsleder

Underwater ROV Case Studies

ROV inspections for hydroelectric power

Providing rapid response submersible camera systems to perform safe inspections of penstocks, intakes, trashracks and reservoirs.

Underwater search & rescue

Arrive on scene quickly and deploy the battery operated ROV within seconds. Customize your package with integrated sonar and GPS.

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Comparing Deep Trekker ROVs

*All packages come equipped with Buoyancy Weights, Chargers, Operator Manual
** No case or reel for the DTG3 Starter

Need help? Let us help build a custom package

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