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Underwater ROV

Commercial grade underwater drones that make inspections easier than ever before

Portable, commercial-grade ROVs

Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicles are portable, affordable and easy to use, providing solutions to various underwater projects.

As innovators in the ROV industry, our team can provide you with the right robotic system for your application.

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Making inspections and surveys in the harshest environments easier than ever before.

Intelligent and advanced capabilities make the portable, commercial grade ROV the best in its class.

  • Max Depth: 200M (656 FT)
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 Hours
  • Custom Ports: 2
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ROV Add-Ons

Integrate your Deep Trekker with sophisticated attachments designed for your specific industry needs.

Sonars for Surveys and Inspections

Use your imaging sonar for close-range inspections and surveys in murky water applications where the HD camera just isn’t enough. See how our ROVs were used for close range inspections in a highly turbid environment.

Sonars for Navigation and Target Identification

Operating in murky water? Need to have a deeper understanding of your underwater location? Locate and identify targets and further understand your position underwater with sonar and USBL positioning systems.

Need help? Let us help build a custom package

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Enhanced 4K Camera

Equip your Deep Trekker ROV with the high-quality lens upgrade and proprietary image processing algorithms through Deep Trekker’s BRIDGE software. This upgrade provides an optimal underwater viewing experience including a wider field of video, enhanced clarity, and auto colour correction.

Pan & tilt HD camera icon

Enhanced Clarity

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Automatic Image Dewarping

Pivoting tether connection-icon

Underwater Colour Correction

Excellent in low light icon

Low Light Performance

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Deep Trekker Training Courses

Although our ROVs are designed for simple and intuitive piloting, Deep Trekker is proud to offer free virtual ROV training. Our basic training program takes users through a guided video series alongside our technical training team. These series' are designed to prepare new operators for their first day on the job or refresh experienced pilots on advanced ROV features. From first unboxing to piloting and recording in-depth inspections, our Virtual Training will have you feeling ready for your first dive.

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Comparing Deep Trekker ROVs

*All packages come equipped with Buoyancy Weights, Chargers, Operator Manual
** No case or reel for the DTG3 Starter

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