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Portable, Rugged ROVs and Submersible Robots

Fully assembled, tested and ready to use


Solving harsh environment situations with fully assembled, tested and ready to use remotely operated vehicles and submersible robots.


Utility Crawlers

The DT640 is the first three-wheeled robotic vehicle of its kind. It is compact and highly portable, designed to launch immediately in any location. With a variety of tools, ranging from vac heads, to ultrasonic thickness gauges, to imaging sonars, it is a versatile option for many applications.

Submersible Cameras

The DTPod inspection camera is designed for permanent underwater installations or drop camera applications. It provides a 360-degree field of view for remote environments underwater.

Networking Capabilities

Depth Rating of up to 305m (1,000 ft)

Monitor aquaculture feeding in real-time

CCTV Pipe Crawlers

Pipeline inspections have never been easier to conduct. Say goodbye to a dedicated truck and hello to a reliable and robust system. Pilot through wet or dry pipes using the hand-held controller and don’t worry about using a generator, as our pipe crawlers are completely battery operated.

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