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Portable, Rugged ROVs and Submersible Robots

Fully assembled, tested and ready to use

CCTV Pipe Crawlers

Pipeline inspections have never been easier to conduct. Say goodbye to a dedicated truck and hello to a reliable and robust system. Pilot through wet or dry pipes using the hand-held controller and don’t worry about using a generator, as our pipe crawlers are completely battery operated.

Utility Crawlers

The DT640 is the first three-wheeled inspection vehicle of its kind. It is compact and highly portable, designed to launch immediately in any location. Work up to 8 hours at a time with the efficiency of a battery operated vehicle.

Submersible Cameras

The DTPod inspection camera is designed for permanent underwater installations or drop camera applications. It provides a 360-degree field of view for remote environments underwater.

Networking Capabilities

Depth Rating of up to 305m (1,000 ft)

Monitor aquaculture feeding in real-time

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