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ROVs for Defense Applications

Rapid deployment robotics for mine countermeasures, hull inspections, and critical infrastructure monitoring.

Low maintenance, battery powered commercial ROV

Deep Trekker designs and manufactures rapid deployment, low logistics commercial ROVs that are ideal for a variety of military and search & rescue applications.

Underwater mission prepared

The open platform, modular ROVs from Deep Trekker accept a variety of sensors including imaging and navigation sonars, USBL tracking systems, multi-function manipulators with a variety of attachments, laser scaling, and many other options. Be ready with the mission specific underwater tools.

Law enforcement and police rescue operations

In addition to armed forces ROV use, local law enforcement can also benefit from Deep Trekker underwater observation equipment. A remotely operated vehicle for law enforcement agency use can aid in underwater evidence search operations and underwater crime scene investigations. Search sites are often in treacherous waters; an additional ROV can complement the marine unit to provide additional safety by monitoring of police divers.

Target location and identification

Applications such as target location and identification for missions in salvage, critical infrastructure inspection, ship husbandry, and damage assessment are greatly simplified and much safer using Deep Trekker’s simple, capable, and reliable platforms.

Why Deep Trekker for Defense?

Rapid deployment time

No topside power or boxes required

Weather proof handheld controller

Sophisticated Options such as Sonar and USBL Positioning Systems

Proven, robust equipment

Record investigations on the Deep Trekker DVR with voice-over capabilities

Expeditionary ready ROV

All configurations are battery-powered and operate several hours on a single, 90-minute charge, meaning no external power sources such as generators are required to complete the mission. Both the compact DTG3 and vectored thrust Revolution ROVs can be out of the case and in the water in under a minute.

Diver support with ROVs

Deep Trekker is unique in the industry with optional underwater Hand Control systems that allow the diver to extend their depth without diving deeper, and “enter” difficult situations such as sunken vessels without physically entering the hazardous area. Deep Trekker ROVs enhance diver’s capabilities while reducing the danger associated with many dive missions by allowing for pre-dive inspection and planning before splashing.

Fully assembled, tested, and ready to operate

Fully featured systems are available at a fraction of the cost of other platforms and always include Deep Trekker’s renowned reliability and factory service. The all-copper, 4.5 mm nominal OD tethers are available in lengths to 800 m without the need for fragile fiber-optics.

Location Tracking

Using the REVOLUTION NAV package equipped with USBL and DVL, teams can plot their course and verify what areas have been previously searched for points of interest. Location tracking and breadcrumbing capabilities allow crews to record notes, photos and videos at waypoints for further analysis and record keeping. Furthermore, overlaid maps and station holding make real time positioning and navigation even easier for searching in large areas.


We cannot send divers down unless we are very sure the target will provide information because of the risk involved for the divers and boat operators. With these camera’s we would be able to be 100% sure that the subject is there or not and know we have covered 100% of the bottom. The ability to record this info is huge for searchers for situational awareness and historical data for reviewing and training purposes.

William Imus

Manager, Burns Lake Search and Rescue

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