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Aquaculture Underwater Vehicles & Cameras

Underwater ROVs and submersible cameras for inspections and site monitoring

Every fish farm needs an ROV

Take control of your net inspections and ensure effective cleaning and monitoring for wear and tear that could cause fish escapes. Make pen and net inspections part of your routine, and monitor stock health and feeding using a mini remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

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Net and mooring inspection

Perform regular and efficient net inspections. Ensure mooring lines and anchor points are secured to guarantee structural integrity. This is necessary when setting up initial pen installations and to adhere to regulatory agency guidelines.

Mort removal

Fish mortalities gather at the bottom of the pen and often do not make it to the collection system. Using the ROV equipped with the mort removal tool, push mortalities into the mort pumping system or bring them to the surface.

Feeding assessment & fish husbandry

Save money and time with live feedback from the Deep Trekker networked solution of underwater camera systems. Monitor the feeding process, stock health and observe fish behavior.

Why Deep Trekker for Aquaculture?

No topside power or generators required

Weather proof handheld controller

Tools specifically designed for aquaculture

270-degree rotating UHD camera

Easy to use piloting system

Wireless networking and viewing capabilities

Convenient aquaculture inspections

Take control of your underwater assets. The Deep Trekker battery operated remotely operated vehicle allows operators the freedom to dive and inspect on their own time during emergency responses.

Environmental safety

No need for gas-powered generators or on-site power due to Deep Trekker's battery-operated vehicles. Ensure no risk of contamination to the environment or to fish health.

Cost saving solution

Hiring dive teams to perform regular and on-going aquaculture inspections can be expensive. Deep Trekker ROVs offer an affordable and customized option to fit within any budget.

Our operations take place in several locations of the Chilean Patagonia, where the ROVs face extreme weather and sea conditions on a daily basis. In spite of these harsh conditions, we’re able to offer an excellent and efficient service to our customers due to the technology from Deep Trekker at our disposal.

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