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DTG2 Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

Based on a clean sheet design, our premier product, the DTG2 underwater drone was introduced in August 2011 and is being used in over 80 countries across the world.

Equipped with onboard batteries, the DTG2 operates up to 8-hours on a single 1.5-hour charge. Its rugged construction allows it to dive to depths of 150 meters (500 ft) – making it an ideal tool for performing in tough underwater environments.

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Depth | 150M // 500 FT


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Up To 8 Hours


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One Carrying Case


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Low Maintenance


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Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
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Easy to Use

Deep Trekker’s handheld controller was created based on a gaming pad to reduce the learning curve and to provide easy-to-use technology for all operators. The control center provides advanced functionalities for guaranteed intuitive piloting, a screen that is four times brighter than a standard laptop, and a video port to record or output to a larger screen.


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Deep Trekker ROVs are truly portable systems. With lithium-ion batteries onboard, there is no need to have a generator or other top-side power supplies near your inspection area. Simply use the lightweight carrying case to travel to and from inspections and instantly deploy the unit within seconds.

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4K Video Capability

Deep Trekker’s 4K camera upgrade can capture crystal clear underwater video – all viewable live and low-latency viewing on the handheld controller. While submerged underwater, its 270-degree rotating capabilities allows for ultra HD video footage, and photography up to 18 megapixels.


A Deep History

Take a dive and find out the background of Deep Trekker.


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